‘Life After Lockup’: Shavel & Quaylon Faking TV Split?

Life After Lockup‘s Quaylon and Shavel Moore seemingly called it quits in current episodes. But their relationship off-camera looks drastically different from their WEtv storyline. Are they faking a split for drama?

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore Gives Quaylon the Boot

Things escalated quickly in recent Life After Lockup episodes for Shavel Moore and the former felon. Shavel said that her man was “distant” and “standoffish”. This prompted her to look through his phone. And she found messages from another woman – implying that Quaylon cheated.

After confronting Quaylon’s alleged other woman over the phone, Shavel Moore really let Quaylon have it. She cut right to the chase and kicked him out of their home. Quaylon didn’t get the chance to explain himself before Shavel brought the hammer down. And now, the pair deal with the fallout in current Life After Lockup content.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

Life After Lockup: Quaylon & Shavel Deal with the Aftermath

She goes to her mom’s house after kicking Quaylon to the curb. And she has a lot of sympathy from her relatives. Most of them didn’t want her with Quaylon in the first place – especially her cousin. Shavel Moore said in recent episodes that Quaylon hurt her “to the core”.

Shavel wants to use this time to “regroup” and re-evaluate whether she wants to be in a relationship based on the currently-airing storyline. Meanwhile, her family doesn’t want her to give Quaylon another chance now that things hit the fan in their relationship.

Along with that, Shavel’s cousin isn’t surprised by the news at all. He called Quaylon out from the very beginning for hustling her. As a former inmate, he knows how the “game” works. He expected Quaylon to do exactly as he did – get what he needed from Shavel and “slide” on out.

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

WEtv Playing Up Drama for Ratings?

Even with everything seemingly deteriorating in this Life After Lockup storyline, the off-camera narrative is drastically different. A recent photo shows Quaylon hugging her daughter and wishing her a happy birthday. And along with that, he calls her his mini-me.

In addition, Shavel Moore had some words for him, too. The former convict celebrated his birthday recently as well. And Shavel gushed about him. Shavel thanked him for all the memories – and for being her “best friend” and her “everything”. Moreover, she added that she will always be there for her Life After Lockup boyfriend.

Based on everything going on with this Life After Lockup pair, there are two different storylines for them on and off-camera. Other cast members said Sharp Entertainment makes them repeat lines and use props to add drama to storylines. Moreover, a producer interviewing Shavel encouraged her to confront Quaylon’s alleged side chick over the phone in recent episodes.

In addition, creative editing pushes certain narratives. Are Shavel Moore and Quaylon faking their split in front of the cameras to maximize drama? Certainly, it’s also possible the duo ironed out their issues since filming the current season of Life After Lockup.

Meanwhile, how much production influences what watchers see in the final product is a topic every season. And many viewers think something doesn’t add up when it comes to the discrepancy between what goes on in current episodes and what’s happening in real-time.

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