‘Life After Lockup’: Shavel Moore’s Mom Rips Quaylon a New One

Life After Lockup celeb Shavel Moore called Quaylon out for cheating in the last episode – and her mother gives her two cents in deleted scenes. Sylvia had her doubts from the beginning about Quaylon. And she unloads on him after what he put her daughter through.

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore Accuses Quaylon of Cheating

Things took a drastic turn for Shavel Moore and her man in Life After Lockup‘s premiere episode. The pair lived together, and everything seemed to be in a good place. But after Shavel went through her man’s phone, she found messages from another woman. And that set her off.

Shavel Moore called the mystery woman on Quaylon’s phone. And Life After Lockup cameras filmed everything that went down. Meanwhile, after that verbal sparring match over the phone, Shavel confronted Quaylon – and kicked him out of their home.

Love After Lockup: Quaylon - Shavel Moore

Life After Lockup: Shavel’s Mother Rips into Quaylon

Life After Lockup deleted clips show Shavel Moore with her mother after kicking Quaylon out. Sylvia was against her daughter’s relationship from the start. And she has a lot to say once she finds out about everything going on between the WEtv pair.

Sylvia says she expected this kind of behavior from Quaylon. Since he went to prison so young, she isn’t surprised that he wants to see what else is out there. Even so, she tells her daughter that she deserves better. Along with that, she tells Shavel that she shouldn’t stick around to see if Quaylon will “act right”.

According to Sylvia, if Quaylon showed her daughter who he is through his actions, she has to “trust that” and believe that’s who he is. Shavel Moore says in Life After Lockup extra scenes that her mother married three times – and was cheated on each time. So, she certainly has experience dealing with what Shavel has on her plate.

How Quaylon’s actions affect her granddaughter is where Sylvia draws the line in deleted scenes. According to her, the former inmate has to answer to her for breaking her granddaughter’s heart. And this sets up a major confrontation down the line – if and when Quaylon faces the music with Shavel.

Do WEtv Pair Make It?

With everything currently going on in their Life After Lockup storyline, things are in a bad place for Quaylon and Shavel Moore. And whether or not they can come back from this as a couple seems questionable with everything happening in current episodes.

Meanwhile, Shavel’s real-time updates paint a drastically different picture. She recently wished Quaylon a happy birthday. Shavel called him her “best friend” and her “everything” as she recognized him on his special day. And it seems they worked through everything they deal with in Life After Lockup content.

It’s likely the Life After Lockup pair hold off on revealing more details until after the new season wraps. But based on where things stand in current content, Quaylon has a lot of work to do to right the ship with Shavel and her mother.

Meanwhile, spoilers reveal even more drama ahead for the pair. So, it’s clear things get worse before they get better. Still, it’s worth watching how they overcome everything they currently face as the new season continues.

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