‘Life After Lockup’: Shavel Still Wants Her Ring – Quaylon Keeping His Options Open?

Life After Lockup celeb Shavel Moore (Quaylon‘s girlfriend) still wants her ring. Meanwhile, spoilers show the former inmate wants to keep his options open as he adjusts to life on the outside.

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore Wants Quaylon to Put a Ring on it

When viewers met Shavel Moore and Quaylon in Love After Lockup episodes, she was ready to build a life with him. As soon as he got out of the clink, she wanted to hit the ground running. Shavel has a young daughter. And she wants Quaylon to be a father to her. Meanwhile, he needed time to adjust after twelve years behind bars.

He bought a one-way ticket to see his family in Houston – leaving Shavel back in Kansas City. Quaylon wanted to see his relatives in Texas. But it didn’t take Shavel Moore long to catch her man in a lie. Quaylon went out with his sisters – and they brought along a friend to get cozy with him.

When Shavel called, he told her he was at home. But she saw a picture from his sister – showing that he was out with them and another woman. Catching him in a lie was a huge red flag for Shavel. And she wonders if she can trust her man moving forward – especially since she is ready to settle down.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shavel - Quaylon

Life After Lockup: Quaylon Playing the Field?

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Quaylon lives it up with his family in Houston. He wants to experience what it’s like to not be tied down after so many years behind bars. Meanwhile, he doesn’t like the way Shavel Moore keeps tabs on him and blows up his phone.

Quaylon is on the phone with another woman in Life After Lockup spoilers. And she asks the former felon when he is going to see her. Whether or not Shavel Moore can trust him with the distance between them is a big question for her. And he seems to want to explore his options before settling down.

He said Shavel Moore “smothering” him and pulling her “detective sh**” is a “problem” for him. And it looks like the pair are not on the same page in terms of what they want – especially with him exploring his options on the outside.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

Another WEtv Love Triangle?

WEtv is known for love triangle storylines on Life After Lockup – as well as the main franchise. And it looks like there may be a triangle brewing between Quaylon, Shavel, and a mystery woman based on spoilers. Spoilers show him down on one knee with a ring in hand – but it looks like there’s a catch.

Life After Lockup spoilers suggest Quaylon continues the conversation with the mystery woman. And at one point, it looks like Shavel Moore yells at this girl over the phone. Along with that, an angry Quaylon says that money can’t buy him. Shavel spoiled her man with a fresh hairstyle, clothes, and a car when he first got out. But he feels like she tries to buy his affection with all of these gifts.

Moreover, Quaylon and Shavel’s cousin don’t see eye to eye. Shavel’s cousin believes he is scamming her. And Life After Lockup spoilers show a heated confrontation between the men in upcoming episodes. So, there’s a lot to unpack in this storyline with the new spinoff season about to air.

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