‘Love After Lockup’: Shavel Wants Forever – Quaylon Out with Another Woman

Love After Lockup‘s Shavel Moore wants a commitment from Quaylon – but, it doesn’t look like he’s ready. Shavel is eager to start her life with her man. But, after twelve years behind bars, Quaylon has doubts about his future with her. Meanwhile, spoilers show him out with another woman.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shavel Moore Ready to Settle Down – Quaylon Has Other Plans?

Love After Lockup spoilers say Shavel Moore is ready to start her life with Quaylon now that he is no longer an inmate. But, he may have other ideas. Shavel Moore needs that commitment from her man. And, it’s something she is ready and waiting for. But, Quaylon says he isn’t ready for that next step.

Quaylon was behind bars for twelve years. And, the Love After Lockup cast member grew up in prison. So, there’s a lot to adjust to in terms of picking life back up on the outside. And, even though Shavel Moore hits the ground running and wants to start her forever with Quaylon, he puts the brakes on.

Love After Lockup spoilers report Quaylon out with another woman. Meanwhile, Shavel Moore asks him if he is out on a “date”. He doesn’t say it’s a date. But, he has a “so what” attitude about being out with someone else. So, there may be trouble in paradise for the couple.

Shavel Moore’s cousin has doubts about Quaylon’s intentions. And, he had them from the beginning. Still, it didn’t stop Shavel from buying Quaylon a car and doing things for him to make his transition back to civilian life as smooth as possible. But, that may come back to bite her based on the latest spoilers.

Love After Lockup: Quaylon - Shavel Moore

Love After Lockup: Heather Goes Off on Dylan

Love After Lockup spoilers show Heather rages at Dylan in new episodes. She went off on him in the previous episode when he spent time with her relatives and didn’t give her enough attention. And, Love After Lockup clips show things escalate in a big way from that point. Heather speeds with Dylan in the car. And, he calls her a “psycho”.

Love After Lockup spoilers say Lindsey Downs turns on the charm. She is in the bathtub and tells someone to take off their clothes. At this point in the season, she hasn’t been intimate with Scott. So, it’s possible they finally do the deed. But, that doesn’t appear to last long. Lindsey is on house arrest. And, she says she feels “trapped” in the home she shares with Scott.

Kristianna Roth Asks John Miller for a Huge Favor

Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for John Miller and Kristianna Roth. John finds a place to hide money for his Love After Lockup wife. And, that’s a slippery slope given John Miller’s criminal past. John ends up in tears. And, he finds out Kristianna is no longer at her halfway house. Meanwhile, spoiler clips end with him in a rage – throwing nearby objects in anger.

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal there’s more trouble for Shawn Osborne and Destinie, too. Shawn says in spoilers that Destinie still won’t answer his calls. Things took a turn when Destinie found Shawn talking to his ex. And, she said she was “done” with him after that. But, if she doesn’t show up for her court dates, Shawn is still on the hook for $50k. So, there’s a lot at stake for the troubled pair.

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