‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Has How Many Kids?

Love After Lockup celeb Destinie Folsom (Shawn Osborne‘s ex girlfriend) has a lot of kids based on recent updates from the WEtv mom. She wanted to party in Las Vegas when she arrived there with Shawn Osborne. But, there’s a lot more to her off-camera life than most watchers realize. How many children does she have?

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom a Young Mother to Many

Destinie Folsom was recently released on Love After Lockup. And, she moved with Shawn Osborne to Las Vegas. Based on what WEtv cameras film of her, she comes across at times like a party girl. And, it often seems like she is only after Shawn’s money. But, there’s a lot more to her story behind the scenes.

Turns out, Destinie Folsom is also a mother. But, in her current storyline with Shawn Osborne, that’s not really the focal point. Still, some Love After Lockup viewers may be surprised by how many children Destinie has. The young mother has five kids. And, she recently shared pics with all of them together.

Love After Lockup: Destinie - Shawn Osborne

Shawn Osborne Not the Only One with a Lot of Kids

A big part of Shawn Osborne’s storyline with Destinie Folsom on Love After Lockup is the fact that he has six kids of his own. How he supports his children and supports Destinie is a balancing act for the 45-year-old. He says in recent episodes that money is tight. And, he had to do things like take money out of his retirement fund early to pay for some of the things Destinie wants.

Meanwhile, she gave him a hard time for having so many children when she has almost as many as he does. According to Destinie Folsom, Shawn lied to her about his age and a number of other things. So, that may be at the root of some of their issues on Love After Lockup. Still, how she supports her children is a question worth asking.

Even so, Destinie Folsom shared pics of her brood recently. And, she added that she is in the lives of all five of her kids. So, she seems to be involved now that she is no longer behind bars. And, based on the latest snaps, they all look happy to be together.

‘Love After Lockup’ Mom Destinie Back in California?

One of the questions Love After Lockup followers have is whether or not Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne are still an item. There’s a lot of drama on camera for the pair. And, it often seems like they’ll call it quits at any moment. This is especially true following the most recent episode.

Destinie doesn’t like that Shawn still has an ongoing “relationship” with the mother of his children. And, that confrontation ended with her punching him in the face. Meanwhile, Shawn’s baby mama confirmed recently that the pair called it quits.

In addition to things ending with Shawn, it looks like Love After Lockup former felon Destinie is back home in California. And, she already cozies up to a new man. On top of that, she attempts to sell a lot of items online – including a car. So, it looks like she put her past behind her with Shawn Osborne for good. And, it’s clear she moved onto the next chapter of her life with her children and a new man in tow.

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