‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Threatens Shawn after He Hunts Her Down

Love After Lockup’s Destinie Folsom took Shawn Osborne’s car last week after tossing his ring back in his face. He tracked her down and found his car. Things got heated when she realized what was going on. Destinie became violent toward Shawn and made threats to hurt him and vandalize his car.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom & Shawn Osborne Split

Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne’s Love After Lockup relationship on WEtv has been going downhill for some time. Destinie has been running up Shawn’s credit cards and using his car. She has avoided him and her court dates, putting the $50k bail money Shawn posted at risk. He just wants some answers.

In a recent episode, Shawn finally caught up with Destinie at the courthouse. She went off on him, calling him “just a trick’ and told him to leave her alone. They had a big argument, and she drove off in his car, leaving him in her dust. Shawn Osborne told Love After Lockup viewers he didn’t understand her behavior because they are engaged.

Destinie told Shawn he was a liar, and sneaky, and manipulative. She also said he was lucky all she did was take off in his car because she wanted to rip his face off. Love After Lockup’s Destinie Folsom said she doesn’t think she has to be honest because Shawn Osborne hasn’t been honest with her. Destinie threw his ring back at him before leaving again in his car.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne

Shawn Osborne’s Surprising Move on Love After Lockup

Shawn Osborne tracks Destinie through his credit cards when she orders pizza to be delivered. He gets the address and drives there to stake out the house. When she returns, he calls a tow truck to get his car back from her. Destinie Folsom of Love After Lockup comes outside and demands to know what he is doing and how he found her.

Shawn Osborne tells his Love After Lockup ex, Destinie, he is taking his car back from her. She becomes irate, screaming that it’s her car, and tries to convince the tow truck driver to put it back in the driveway. When that doesn’t work, Destinie climbs up on the bed and refuses to move until Shawn opens the trunk.

Once Destinie Folsom retrieves her duffel bag, she starts threatening Shawn. She tells Love After Lockup viewers she’ll go back to prison for hurting him. Destinie Folsom tells her ex-fiance, that he better keep his other car in a garage because she will “bleep” it up. The ex-fiancee also shoves Shawn a few times as she tries to intimidate him into leaving the car.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

Destinie Folsom Resorts to Taunts

Once Destinie realizes Shawn Osborne isn’t backing down, she changes tactics. Destinie Folsom starts taunting him. She promises to get the last laugh. Fans of Love After Lockup can’t believe her audacity in thinking she deserves to keep the car, after breaking up with him. Viewers wonder why she felt he owes her anything after all the nonsense she put him through.

Destinie follows Shawn Osborne as he walks back to his car. She tells WEtv viewers of Love After Lockup she never thought he’d treat her like he has. She calls her ex names, such as “crybaby a**” Destinie Folsom follows him to his car and laughs when she acts like she’s going to hit the window near his head and he flinches. The bottom line, though is Shawn finally got his car back and his ex-fiancee has no wheels and no money.

This Love After Lockup couple seems to have hit the skids. Shawn Osborne says he’ll move on and she can find a new guy to finance her life. Destinie’s parting shot? Bye Felicia. Looks like Shawn got the last laugh though, as he leaves her in his dust for once.

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