‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Ditches Shawn Osborne for New Man?

Love After Lockup star Destinie Folsom seems to have a new man based on recent pics – did she kick Shawn Osborne to the curb? Destinie just got out of prison in current episodes of the WEtv show. But, there are already some issues in their relationship. And, it looks like she already moved on.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom & Shawn Osborne Already at Odds

Destinie Folsom just got out of jail on Love After Lockup. But, already, there are issues with TLC’s Shawn Osborne. She moved with him to Las Vegas. But, she doesn’t want him to control her. Shawn wants Destinie to lay low and take it easy. But, she wants to go out and party in Las Vegas.

On Love After Lockup, Shawn Osborne is on the hook for a lot of money. If Destine doesn’t show up to her court dates, Shawn has to pay $50,000. So, there’s a lot riding on Destinie Folsom’s ability to stay out of trouble now that she’s out of jail. And, that could be difficult to do in Las Vegas.

Love After Lockup: Destinie - Shawn Osborne

Destinie Moving on with New Man?

Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom deal with a lot of drama already on Love After Lockup. In addition to his lies, Destinie keeps secrets too. But, based on the latest pics from the WEtv inmate, it looks like Shawn isn’t in the picture at all anymore.

Recent snaps show Destine cozying up to a new man. The duo looks like they are out on a date. And, they are definitely all in each other’s personal space. There’s even a snap of them getting close with the words “forever” and “always”. So, things look serious for the pair.

It could be WEtv wants to keep the identity of Destinie’s new beau under wraps until the current season airs. But, it’s likely more info comes to the surface later on. There’s also the fact that Destinie Folsom is into women, too. So, how that translates in her new relationship as something to see.

Love After Lockup: Destinie

Love After Lockup: Shawn’s Ex-Wife Confirms Split?

Shawn Osborne said on Love After Lockup that he has six kids with his former wife. And, when he told her about his plans with the ex-con, she worried it could be a catfish. Meanwhile, she spilled some tea on the pair’s current relationship status recently.

Shawn Osborne’s ex-wife told a Love After Lockup fan that she dealt with “a lot of lies” from her former husband. Meanwhile, she added that Destinie and Shawn are no longer an item. She said the entire situation was “bullsh**.” And, that it put a lot of stress on their family.

She didn’t say what Shawn does now that things with Destinie Folsom are over. But, with this storyline spoiler from his former spouse, it’s worth watching to see how things fall apart for the pair as current Love After Lockup episodes continue. In the meantime, it’s clear Destinie already moved on with someone new.

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