‘Love After Lockup’: Shawn Osborne’s New Felon Girlfriend Revealed

Love After Lockup celeb Shawn Osborne still deals with Destinie Folsom on the WEtv spinoff – but, he moved on with a new convict in real-time. Shawn’s ex, Kelly Corallo, said recently that Destinie was his third felon girlfriend. And it looks like he found a fourth based on the latest pics.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne Finds Another Felon Girlfriend

Love After Lockup‘s Kelly Corallo had a lot to say recently about Shawn Osborne. And it certainly looks like he has a type. Based on the latest pics of the father of six, that seems to be women with criminal records. There’s still a lot between him and Destinie playing out in current episodes of the WEtv spinoff. But it appears he completely moved on to someone new in real-time.

Recent photos show Love After Lockup celeb Shawn Osborne snuggling up to his new lady, Sara Isaac. And you can see the pair out in public. Meanwhile, based on her list of charges, Sara Issac did some serious time behind bars.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Sara Isaac

Love After Lockup: Who is Shawn’s New Girlfriend?

Turns out, Shawn Osborne’s new Love After Lockup woman has quite the rap sheet. Courts charged Sara Isaac with involuntary manslaughter (a first-degree felony) in 2014. At the time, Sara Isaac reportedly injected heroin into a man – leading to his death via overdose. She pleaded guilty to the charge in 2015 and served several years behind bars. She got out on August 31, 2020.

In addition, there’s also a charge for illegal processing of drug documents on her record. This includes things like using printed prescription blanks to write prescriptions. Moreover, this also includes knowingly making false statements about a drug order. Meanwhile, people who engage in this behavior can face drug charges as well.

Love After Lockup: Sara Isaac

WEtv Star Asking for More Trouble?

As soon as Love After Lockup introduced Shawn Osborne and his storyline with Destinie Folsom, many watchers came forward with scamming claims. A lot of viewers said they suspected Destinie Folsom used Shawn for money. And in recent episodes of the spinoff, she flat-out asked him for money and continued using his credit card after she bailed on him.

While many Love After Lockup watchers are glad Shawn Osborne is no longer with Destine Folsom, it seems he could repeat similar patterns with his new felon girlfriend. Certainly, it’s possible she turned over a new leaf and cleaned up her act since doing time. But as WEtv watchers know, former felons run the risk of falling back into old habits once they’re on the outside.

At least for now, Shawn Osborne seems happy with his new lady. But whether his choice in convict partners comes back to bite him once again is certainly something to pay attention to as this new relationship progresses. Certainly, it’s possible Shawn learned his lesson after everything he went through with Love After Lockup alum, Destinie. But it seems his baby mama isn’t convinced given his history – along with a handful of viewers, too.

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