‘Life After Lockup’: Destinie Finally Calls Shawn & Demands More Money

Life After Lockup spoilers show Destinie Folsom finally calls Shawn Osborne – and she demands money. Destinie packed her things and bailed on him with his car and credit card in tow. Meanwhile, it looks like she wants to siphon even more from him.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Finally Gets in Touch with Shawn Osborne

A big part of Destinie Folsom’s storyline with Shawn Osborne on this Life After Lockup season is her bailing on him. Shawn Osborne asked her to marry him in the season finale of Love After Lockup. But things seem to go from bad to worse weekly for the pair.

Destinie Folsom said on Life After Lockup that she is tired of Shawn Osborne’s lies. And according to her, that’s one of the reasons she ditched him without saying a word. Destinie Folsom has a court date coming up in current episodes. And that’s something that weighs on her mind. In addition, she said she needed her “space”.

On Life After Lockup, Destinie drove to her sister’s house in California without telling Shawn. And she avoided his calls. Meanwhile, WEtv teasers show Destinie finally gets in touch with him after keeping him in the dark.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie Folsom - Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Destinie Wants Money from Shawn

Life After Lockup spoilers now indicate Destinie Folsom calls Shawn Osborne in the middle of the night. She tells him that she is “okay”. And she also tells him to stop blowing up her phone. Destinie Folsom doesn’t come across as warm as Shawn might like. And along with bailing on him, he found pictures of Destinie with other men. So he has a lot of questions when she finally calls him.

Even though she doesn’t give him much, Destinie Folsom asks him to send her money. And Shawn Osborne reluctantly agrees — even though he questions her motives on Life After Lockup. Shawn also asks her about the pregnancy test she took – and she reveals to him that she isn’t carrying his child.

The way Destinie Folsom sees it, she thought her life with Shawn Osborne would be “something it’s not.” In addition, she says in Life After Lockup spoilers that it’s “too much” for her.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom - Life After Lockup

Puppy & Amber Eggers Reunite

Life After Lockup spoilers say Puppy is finally out of prison – and Amber Eggers is there to meet her. Last time, it was Amber getting out of prison with Vince waiting for her on the outside. Meanwhile, this time around, the shoe is on the other foot for her.

Puppy wants to see where things go with Amber romantically on Life After Lockup — and whether or not they can make a relationship work out of prison. Meanwhile, Amber wants to take things slow and see what happens. She worries about Puppy falling back into her criminal habits.

Love After Lockup: Vince Gonzalez - Amber Eggers - Puppy

Life After Lockup: Andrea Edwards Finds Out Lamar Jackson’s Secret

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Andrea Edwards catches on to Lamar Jackson’s secret meeting with his oldest daughter, Shante. Lamar took Priscilla with him to meet her. And he told his youngest daughter that it was their secret. Meanwhile, teasers say Andrea finds out the truth — and she isn’t happy about it.

Andrea Edwards talks to her kids about going on a mission as a family in Life After Lockup spoilers. Priscilla asks her mom if Shante can come — since she is part of the family. Andrea asks her daughter how she knows about Shante. And when the secret is finally out, Andrea loses it. She storms off to find Lamar — and he has no idea what’s coming.

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