‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Back on Prison Pen Pal Website?

Love After Lockup star Destinie Folsom found love on a pen pal website for inmates. However, her future with Shawn Osborne doesn’t look too bright now that she’s in prison again. But, could Destinie be back on the prowl for a new lover?

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Engaged Twice before Shawn Osborne

On the current season of Life After Lockup, WEtv celeb Destinie Folsom hit the road and left her fiance, Shawn Osborne, behind. To avoid Shawn, the Love After Lockup castmate hid out at her sister’s house. But, Shawn didn’t give up on Destinie and started to search for her. He is afraid that she might skip out on her upcoming court date, and that he will have to pay up the $50,000.

The Love After Lockup reality star found out shocking details about Destinie Folsom while searching online for her. Shawn Osborne said that he never thought about looking on social media for her. But, he took the chance to see if he could dig up any information on his wife-to-be. While searching, he came across two of Destinie’s profiles. Each one said that she was engaged to a different man. Shawn felt like she was keeping a huge secret from him.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie

Destinie Back behind Bars

Last month, Soap Dirt reported that Destinie Folsom is back in jail. The Love After Lockup cast member may have been able to run from Shawn Osborne, but she couldn’t hide from the law. Destinie is now facing a few charges that can mean added jail time. She could potentially be behind bars from one to four years. Her time in the free world didn’t last long. However, being in this situation is nothing new to Destinie.

Destinie Folsom from Love After Lockup is no stranger when it comes to getting in trouble with the law. Over the past decade, she has dealt with traffic violations to more serious offenses like drug charges. However, Destinie had said that she didn’t want to go back to her old ways. But, after her recent arrest, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom - Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup Celeb’s Prison Pen Pal Profile Revealed

Shawn Osborne met Destinie Folsom on a website for people looking to meet prisoners. The two hit it off right away and gave their relationship a shot in the free world. It didn’t take Shawn long to pop the question to Destinie. However, she wasn’t happy that Shawn was in constant contact with the mother of his six children. But, now that she is back in the clink, could she be looking for love online again?

The Love After Lockup WEtv star’s profile on the pen pals site was recently leaked. On the profile, Destinie Folsom explains her appearance and her personality type. However, it seems like she may not be currently active on the site since the listing is from last year and expired back in August. So, this could be the ad that caught Shawn Osborne’s attention and started their romance.

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