‘Life After Lockup’: Shawn Finds Out Destinie Has Huge Secrets

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Shawn Osborne finds out that Destinie Folsom has been hiding huge secrets from him. He starts to search online, looking for his fiance, but instead, he finds out shocking information about her. Does Destinie have a secret life that he doesn’t know about?

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Takes off from Shawn Osborne

Destinie Folsom is on the run from the law and her fiance, Shawn Osborne, on Life After Lockup’s current season. The two got engaged shortly after her release. But, their relationship quickly went downhill. Destinie left Shawn’s house and took a road trip to visit her sister. She seems to be over him and doesn’t want anything to do with him at the moment. But, after finding a pregnancy test in the trash, Shawn becomes worried that she is pregnant with his child.

Shawn Osborne from Life After Lockup called Destinie Folsom’s sister, asking if she had anything information. But, Destinie told her sister to lie to him about her whereabouts. Shawn then started to fear that Destinie wouldn’t show up to her court date and that he would have to cough up $50,000. He also began to think that he may not know Destinie as much as he thought he did.

Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie

Shawn Searches for Destinie Online

Spoilers for the upcoming episode show that Shawn Osborne continues his search for Destinie Folsom. The Life After Lockup castmate starts searching the internet for some answers. Shawn tells his friend that he isn’t really on social media much. So, he never thought about seeing if Destinie had any profiles. But, it was worth the try to see what he can find. And, to his surprise, he finds a match.

The Life After Lockup cast member says that the profile he finds has a different last name. But, Shawn Osborne knows that it’s “definitely her” in the profile picture. The photo he sees on Destinie Folsom’s profile is of her with another man. The man doesn’t look familiar to Shawn. But, seeing his fiance with another man isn’t the only shocking thing he finds out.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie Folsom - Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Spoilers: WEtv Star Finds Shocking Information about Fiance

Shawn Osborne starts to speculate that he may not be the only man Destinie Folsom is engaged to. While looking at her profile, he states that it “flat out” says that “she’s engaged.” Shawn’s friend finds this information confusing and says to him, “I thought you guys were engaged” and getting married. Surely, Shawn thought the same thing. He was searching for answers, but instead, he finds himself having more questions.

Spoilers for the new episode of Life After Lockup indicate that Shawn Osborne also finds another profile for Destinie Folsom. He says that the account is old and from last year, but once again, it says she’s engaged. Shawn starts to realize that Destinie may be engaged to two different men. And, now he’s the third. He thinks that Destinie “just plays guys” to get what she wants.

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