‘Life after Lockup’ Spoilers: Destinie Must Face the Judge – Will She Run Again?

Life After Lockup spoilers report Destinie Folsom must face her day in court soon. However, Destinie has a history of running, so she may take off. Also, one couple makes up while another is headed for splitsville on the WEtv reality spin-off Life After Lockup. 

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lindsey Done with Scott Bradshaw

Brand-new Life After Lockup spoilers tell us Lindsey Downs calls it quits with Scott Bradshaw. Soon, Lindsey tells Scott, “it’s over,” and it looks like she plans on kicking Scott out of his own house.

Scott needs Lindsey to get out, but she says she and her daughter will not leave. Lindsey doesn’t think she and Mylie Grace should leave the house. She calls her friend Tyler to get a strong lock for the door, promise Love After Lockup spoilers.

Lindsey claims Scott is going to pay the bills and the consequences for not following her rules. And she plans to bring whoever she wants into the house – and the bed. Scott says this is the most toxic relationship he’s ever been in.

He thinks Lindsey will be back in jail in six months because she won’t stay on the right path. He says he tried to get her to do the right thing with her life, and she failed in every aspect. So, it looks like the end of the road for Lindsey and Scott on Love After Lockup. But, it won’t be easy.

Destinie Folsom’s Court Date Arrives – Will She Run?

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Destinie Folsom prepares for her hearing. Destinie continues to avoid Shawn Osborne and doesn’t want him to show up at the courthouse. Also, Destinie Folsom feels it’s okay to keep things from Shawn because he has lied to her about so much.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

Destinie Folsom still has Shawn’s car and credit card. Plus, he’s still on the hook for the $50,000 bond forked over. So, Shawn plans to show up at Destinie’s hearing to see if she goes or not on Love After Lockup. Destinie’s sister pleads with her to show up, so she doesn’t make things worse for herself.

But, her sister knows there is an excellent chance that Destinie could take off in the middle of the night. And not be there when her sister wakes up to go to the hearing with her. Clearly, it’s in Destinie’s best interest to face the music. But, Destinie may flee instead, hint Love After Lockup spoilers.

Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson Make Up – Life After Lockup Spoilers

Next time, on Love After Lockup, Andrea Edwards feels it’s time to go home and make things right with Lamar Jackson. Andrea and the girls recently spent a night in a hotel after Andrea learned of Lamar’s lies. But, Andrea can’t stop thinking about Lamar. She wants to talk about her issues with Shante and try to make things right for her family.

When Andrea gets home, Lamar surprises her with flowers. And they sit down and talk. Lamar apologizes for having Priscilla lie to her about Shante. Andrea thinks Shante blames her for her lack of a relationship with her father, Lamar. But Andrea says that’s on him, not her.

Andrea is mostly upset that she wasn’t a part of Priscilla meeting her sister for the first time. But, she apologizes for being dramatic. Lamar wants Andrea and Shante to sit down and talk so Shante can see that Andrea is not trying to take her dad away. So they can move past it.

Andrea says she’ll keep an open mind and take things step by step with Shante. And Lamar says he will put more effort into pleasing Andrea. More importantly, he will never make Priscilla keep a secret from her again. So, Lamar and Andrea are a happy couple once on the next Love After Lockup.  

More Drama on Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup spoilers promise more shockers ahead as Michael Simmons and his wife Sarah Simmons get closer. Michael claims Sarah is still in love with him. He can see it every time she looks at him. So, Michael may attempt to win Sarah back soon.

Also, Shane Whitlow is livid that his wife Lacey didn’t tell him John Slater is out of jail.

Shane says he’s the angriest he’s ever been, and he will eliminate the problem. Clearly, John is the problem, so Shane may find John and tell him to back off Lacey. Later, Quaylon and Shavel Moore meet up to talk. Quaylon says he knows Shavel is still angry with him. So, he doesn’t want to mess this up because Shavel is the woman he loves.

However, Shavel is not sure if she wants to be with Quaylon anymore. The next episode of Life After Lockup is full of twists and surprises. So, don’t miss a second to see if Destinie Folsom will break the cycle and show up for court on the WEtv reality series.

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