‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Back in Jail – Faces Years Behind Bars

Love After Lockup‘s Destinie Folsom (Shawn Osborne’s WEtv girlfriend) is back in the clink. Even if she wants to bail on her man, she can’t outrun the law. Meanwhile, she has a lengthy rap sheet, too.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Back in Jail

Destinie Folsom bailed on Shawn Osborne and took his car in the new WEtv spinoff. But in real-time, she is back behind bars. The courts charged her with Escape, False Impersonation, and Failure to Appear on a Felony Charge.

In addition, her most recent charge is a special allegation – and that usually translates to added jail time. More specifically, the Love After Lockup special allegation, in this case, is listed as Enhancement of Prison Term for New Offenses.

Whether Destinie Folsom’s sentences are concurrent or consecutive, Shawn Osborne’s Love After Lockup girlfriend could face anywhere from one to four years behind bars.

Love After Lockup: Destinie - Shawn Osborne

Love After Lockup: Destinie’s Long History of Arrests

Love After Lockup star Destinie Folsom arrest record is similar to that of a career convict. In current WEtv episodes, Shawn worries about her missing court – since he owes a lot of money if she does. Meanwhile, even with everything she currently deals with – both on the show and in real-time – she has a long list of past charges on her record as well.

Destinie Folsom’s earliest charges on the public record stretch all the way back to 2009. The Love After Lockup alum’s laundry list of charges includes everything from misdemeanors to traffic infractions. Meanwhile, there are more serious instances like burglary, forgery, and drug charges as well. See a list of Shawn Osborne’s girlfriend’s charges below:

  • Check Forgery (multiple instances)
  • Controlled Substance Use
  • Burglary (multiple instances)
  • Taking Vehicle without Owner Consent
  • Possession/Passing Forged Papers
  • Theft of Person’s ID with Unlawful Use
  • Failure to Appear in Court (jumping bail)
  • Escape from Detention (multiple instances)
  • Driving without a License and not wearing a seatbelt
  • Various and Many Probation Violations

Destinie Folsom’s above charges are in California. But the Love After Lockup celeb has charges across state lines as well. According to public records, she also has a handful in Oregon from 2018, including:

  • Fugitive from another state
  • Child Neglect
  • Giving False Information to Police
  • Interfering with a Police Officer

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

WEtv Star’s Future on Hold

With the current charges she faces, Shawn Osborne may be the least of her worries. Whether or not convicts turn a corner and adjust to life on the outside is always a big question. And even with her long rap sheet, she does what she wants. It’s a mindset Destinie maintains on Love After Lockup and its spinoff.

Depending on the final outcome of her sentencing, she faces several years behind bars. And that certainly halts any future plans the career criminal may have – with or without Shawn Osborne in the picture. Love After Lockup cast members back behind bars is certainly nothing new. But given Destinie’s prior criminal record and current charges, the outcome doesn’t seem too bright for her.

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