‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Says Shawn is the Best She’s Ever Had – Recap

Love After Lockup’s Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne get it on, and she says it’s the best sex she’s ever had. Compton makes Jessica Gipson uncomfortable while they wait for Maurice‘s parole transfer.

Quaylon is torn between his mama and his lady Shavel Moore. Scott tries to track down Lindsey Downs but comes up with nothing. Let’s shake down season 3 episode 5 Roses On The Bed.

Love After Lockup Recap: Destinie Folsom Wears Her Lovers On Her Sleeve

Destinie Folsom, her mom, and sister grilled Shawn Osborne about his lies. But it seems he shaved about a decade off his age and conveniently forgot to mention 4 of his 6 kids. Destinie’s mom isn’t happy about his lies or motives. And her sister is getting serial killer vibes.

Destinie Folsom has a few secrets of her own but doesn’t want to ruin the already awkward vibe. Shawn just wants to get away from her mom, who is pretty scary.

Love After Lockup star Shawn had quite the evening planned for Destinie. She was game but laid out a few small demands first before giving it up. A Coach purse and parasailing. She asked if she was going to be the youngest he’s ever had (insert vomit emoji). He says yes. Girl, come on.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Should Have Asked for More from Shawn Osborne

Should’ve raised that purse game higher. Maybe a slightly used Louis Vuitton. At the hotel, Shawn had rose petals and chocolate laid out on the bed. Destinie opted for a shower first but was very impressed on Love After Lockup.

Shawn ups the cringe to new levels by telling the cameras that he expects Destinie Folsom from Love After Lockup will be wild in bed. And that he will be there to “give it to her hard anytime, anywhere.”

Destinie Folsom admits to production that she regularly swam in the lady pond in prison. And has no intention of coming up for air. She has a roster of girl’s name tattoos to prove it. She admitted that Shawn was good in the sack. In fact, the best she’s ever had. Will he be tattoo worthy, though?

John Tries To Track Down A Missing Lindsey Downs

It’s a new day for John on Love After Lockup. Even so, he ended up having his romantic dinner of steak and cake with the limo driver when Lindsey Downs was a no show. He gathered her mom and daughter Mylie Grace to do some detective work.

Sadly, Mylie cried for 2 hours when she found out her mom didn’t show up. So, this lousy woman better have a good excuse. Scott calls the prison and gets the runaround.

Lindsey’s mom suggested they speak with her case manager. He’s the human equivalent of a speed bump and just kept saying it’s not public information. Lindsey’s mom was struggling to keep it together in front of Mylie Grace.

And admitted that Lindsey is just smart enough to stay in trouble. Love After Lockup TV series star Scott suggested that the other prisoners were jealous of Lindsey’s good looks. It’s prison Scott, not high school cheerleading.

Quaylon Has a Decision to Make

Quaylon from the TV series Love After Lockup had been in prison since the tender age of seventeen. Now, twenty-nine, he was ready to experience life on the outside. He really just wanted some barbecue and sex and in that order. But his mom and his girl Shavel Moore had him in the middle of a real tug-o-war.

As a matter of fact, Mama wanted her boy back with her in Houston. However, girlfriend Shavel Moore wanted him shacked up with her in Kansas City. But Quaylon admits he’s kind of leading them both on as to where he’ll end up.

Shavel took a cue from Shawn and arranged for some post-prison hotel sex complete with roses and chocolate. But there’s one little detail she had to take care of and was getting rid of mama.

So she called an Uber to take her to a friend’s house. Quaylon was anxious to see if Love After Lockup cast Shavel would deliver what she promised during their many months of phone sex. She fed him some chocolate and Quaylon shooed the cameras out of the room. Don’t tell mama.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Can’t Hang in Maurice’s Old Stomping Grounds

On Love After Lockup Jessica Gipson and Maurice are back in his hometown of Compton, where Jessica reminded us often, he was a Crip with a gleam in her eye. They headed to see Maurice’s daughter Ma’Kayla. Where there’s a daughter, there’s also a baby mama. Jessica talked to Ma’Kayla often but didn’t really talk to her mom Keniqua.

These two probably aren’t going to gel anytime soon. Keniqua pointed out that he’s never dated a white woman before and that she was his only other relationship.

Jessica plops down inside the house and pouts. Ma’Kayla is, in fact, her dad’s mini-me, and other family members show up.

Maurice never even introduced her and she was kind of like the elephant in the room in a shirt from Forever 21. Outside she yelled at him for his rudeness, but Maurice said it’s his daughter’s house, and she needed to be cool. Jessica cannot believe she gave up the comfort of her Brady Bunch life to deal with this.

The couple crashed at his cousin Roni’s pad on Love After Lockup. Roni started showing Maurice all the obituaries of their mutual friends who have died from violence. Jessica was really missing her cushy bed in Las Vegas and didn’t care to see the Compton casualties.

She needed a Gatorade and a Little Debbie to bring her back to her comfort zone. But a man heckles them outside the convenience store, and she’s freaked out again. Be sure to catch Love After Lockup Fridays at 9 on WEtv.

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