‘Love After Lockup’ Maurice and Jessica Reunited and Ready To Get It On [Recap]

On this Love After Lockup recap, Maurice finally gets sprung, and Jessica Gipson is there to greet him in a barely-there dress. John Miller lays out the roadmap for his truck bed wedding to Kristianna Roth. Scott heads to the airport to pick up Lindsey Downs with plenty of panties in tow. Shawn’s ex told him that Destinie probably isn’t for real. And Shavel Moore and mother Quaylon butt heads about where he will go once he’s out. Pop the hatch and grab your popcorn and let’s dish on season 3 episode 2 Bad at Being Good. Be sure to catch LAL Friday nights at 9 pm on WE tv.

The Crip of Compton on Love After Lockup Recap

Jessica Gipson is in California to pick up her hubby Maurice from prison. They’ve been married for four years. But Maurice got himself into trouble in the pokey the last two. So the conjugal visits dried up while he was in the SHU. So, with extra time on her hands, Jessica mastered prison lingo while doubts crept in. She knew Maurice was talking to someone else before they met that gave him money.

She says he quit the cash cow after she married him, and the conjugal visits started on Love After Lockup. Was he just using her? She’s driving herself a little crazy as she gets ready. And once again hammers out how different they grew up. It’s like she’s pitching a movie for Lifetime called Suburban Seduction: I Love A Crip From Compton. Jessica Gipson is anxious and wants to look good for her man. So she fashions a dress out of some rubber bands and an old bathing suit, and she’s off.

Jess is even more nervous when Maurice is a few hours late to show up. But when he does, they suck face, and he says he’s “exuberated.” He knows that’s not the right way to say it. But it’s how he’s feeling. He said when he first saw her, he was like “who’s that banging white woman” before realizing it was his wife. For now, he is happy to drop f-bombs and go have some sex. Rooting for these two crazy kids.

Trouble Finds Lindsey Downs Not The Other Way Around on LAL

Scott is busy preparing to pick up his prison BAE Lindsey Downs on Love After Lockup. He’s packing plenty of tracksuits and underwear. He proudly holds up a pair of Victoria’s Secret “PINK” brand panties and proudly says they are “designer.” Lucky for Scott, this girl’s been locked up long enough that she might believe that. She’s also getting an expensive phone. Lindsey is fond of sending Scott magazine clips of what she wants. The latest clip hints at a wedding ring. So subtle.

Scott has a relationship with Lindsey Downs’ mom. But, Lindsey’s “mother” is really her grandmother and raised her since she was a baby. In a sad case of history repeating itself, she’s also been raising Lindsey’s 10-year-old daughter Mylie Grace for the last 4 years. Mylie Grace is well-spoken, gracious, and living proof that her great grandmother is a saint. She also thinks Scott is a good guy, and he buys her clothes. These three genuinely seem to care about each other and Lindsey.

After making a plan for Lindsey Downs’s release and a trip to the halfway house, Scott heads for the airport. Lindsey’s mom has a tearful moment with production about her daughter missing out on her little girl growing up. And dammit now LAL is legit making us cry real human tears. Production quizzes Scott on whether Lindsey’s scamming him. He says a great big “definitely not.” That trouble finds her as a young, pretty white girl. Huh? Even Lindsey Downs herself admits she’s “bad at being good.”

John Miller’s Wedding with Kristianna Roth On Wheels on Love After Lockup

John Miller is finalizing plans for his surprise wedding to Kristianna Roth. The biggest surprise is that the bride doesn’t know. Got to hand it to him. He could give JLo a run for her money in The Wedding Planner 2: Keep On Truckin’. He’s got a strict timeline and a helpful crew. John even has a limo to pick up his future wife when Kristianna walks out of the gates. He says his past relationships were short and sh*tty. And John even married one woman twice.

On Love After Lockup, John Miller sets up the pick up turned chapel and honeymoon in a remote area. He thoughtfully hangs curtains on the side of the truck, so the police won’t see him “getting lucky” with Kristianna Roth. It’s not weird to think cops might come since the spot looks like an opening scene of Law and Order. Scott has chosen a specific look for his wedding. Black shirt with long purple straps. Maybe inspired by his native American heritage? Thankfully missing is the frozen eagle wing. So far.

John Miller chats up the limo driver on the way to the jail. The driver has a thick New York accent. Witness protection, maybe? They get to the jail, and it’s a minute before Kristianna Roth shows up. She likes the limo. John drops to one knee to propose. Kristianna seems a little shocked and says she’s freaking out. And of course, we have to wait till next week to see if she says yes.

Shawn’s Ex Warns Him About Destinie

Shawn is in love, and he doesn’t care who knows it. His inmate love Destinie is being released from jail the next day. She claims she’s gotten chubby in the clink, and that’s the reason she won’t see him. But she has no problem taking money from him and asked him to secure her bond money. She does send flirty filtered pics of her with cat ears and whiskers on Love After Lockup.

Shawn calls her up to deliver the good news. That he secured her bond. He reminds her that if she were to bail on court, he’d be out another 50 grand. He’s dipped into his 401k, so things are drying up quickly. Destinie is pissed that he would question her intentions. And brings up again that she’s gained twenty pounds and feels bad enough. She says she will look good for him. She’s getting out tomorrow. Is there lipo in prison?

In a sad scene on Love After Lockup, Shawn goes shopping with his ex and mother of his 6 kids. One of his daughters is there, and she wants to try on some clothes. Shawn uses this time to tell his ex Kelly about Destinie. This poor lady looks tired. She says he’s being catfished, and for all he knows, she could be a man. She asks how much money he’s given her, and Shawn low balls it. And this is why his daughter is shopping at Plato’s Closet. Shame on you, Shawn.

It’s Shavel Moore vs. Quaylon’s Mama on Love After Lockup

Quaylon has been in jail for twelve years. He lends us more perspective by explaining that when he went in at the tender age of 17 he still had a Myspace account. So, he’s missed out on a lot. He’s excited to be released, but he’s got a decision to make. It seems he told his mama that he would be coming home to live with her. But his girlfriend Shavel Moore thinks her man is coming to crash with her.

The family of Shavel Moore isn’t sold on the relationship yet on Love After Lockup. Her mom stops by to pick up her granddaughter, so Shavel can make the trip to pick Quaylon up from prison. Her mom says to use the skills she was raised with to do the right thing. And be careful. Shavel has faith in Quaylon. She says he’s the real deal because he sent her daughter a birthday card.

In the most awkward car ride ever, Shavel Moore picks up Quaylon’s mama, and at first, it’s all polite and nice. Until Shavel lets it slip that Quaylon will be shacking up with her in Kansas City. This does not go over well. It seems he never mentioned to his mom that he was going to live with Shavel Moore. But he told Shavel that he did. Mama says she will take her son and walk right outta there, and he will go. Till next week! Watch Love After Lockup Fridays at 9 pm on WE tv.

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