‘Love After Lockup’: Kristianna on the Run – John Miller Loses It

Love After Lockup spoilers report Kristianna Roth (John Miller‘s wife) is on the run after bailing on the halfway house. Meanwhile, John invested a lot in their relationship. And, he loses it as things pile on.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Kristianna Roth’s Fugitive Status Ruins Relationship with John Miller?

John Miller was ready to start his life with Kristianna Roth when she got out of jail on Love After Lockup. But its been one thing after another for this pair since she got out. Kristianna Roth bailed on the halfway house – which could land her right back in prison. And it sends John Miller on a mad dash to find her.

On top of that, John Miller got in even deeper by inviting her mother and sister to live with him. He also stashed money for Kristianna Roth to get around halfway house restrictions. Giving money to an addict like Kristianna Roth is a slippery slope. And John Miller’s friends and family see a huge red flag when it comes to that.

John is a former inmate. Even so, he seems to look on the bright side when it comes to his Love After Lockup wife, Kristianna. Her mother said Kristianna falls back into old patterns. And it doesn’t take much for the “demons” to get her. Meanwhile, even though John still wants a happy ending with her, it looks like the reality of the situation slowly sinks in.

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Kristianna Roth in tears. She says there’s nothing she can say to justify her actions. Her relatives have been through this before with her. Even so, this latest round still takes a toll on them. As for John Miller, this is his first time dealing with this from his wife. Love After Lockup spoilers show things boil over – and John throws furniture in frustration.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

Love After Lockup: Quaylon Exploring His Options?

Quaylon keeps his options open in Love After Lockup spoilers. And Shavel Moore may not be the one for him after all. It looks like his priorities change now that he is out of the clink. On top of that, his relatives have some “cute friends” they want to introduce him to. And his mother tells him to keep his options open.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say Heather continues on her downward spiral. And she takes more of her frustration out on Dylan. Things blew up between them as they raced back to meet his parole officer. Moreover, things escalate even further for the pair. She tells production she needs a “fu***** second”. And she yells at Dylan to “get out” of her car.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

Shawn Osborne in Tears – Bad News for Destinie?

Things are extra tough for Shawn Osborne because he has a significant amount of money on the line. Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say Destinie gets some bad news. Destinie answers to an escape charge. And Shawn Osborne worries because there’s a lot riding on her court hearing. WEtv cameras show Shawn in tears. And he says he “knew this was a possibility”. So, things don’t look good for the pair.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say Maurice makes a “bold move”. And, it’s something that stuns his wife, Jessica Gipson. Maurice spilled the beans to her father about her pregnancy even though she asked him not to. Moreover, he told them previously that he violated his parole to see them in Las Vegas. So, she may not react well to him letting the cat out of the bag again.

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