‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson Update with Maurice

Love After Lockup‘s Jessica Gipson recently shared an update with Maurice. A lot is going on in their current WEtv storyline. And, there’s a lot going on in real-time for the couple as well.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson & Maurice Update

Soap Dirt reported on Jessica Gipson’s shotgun wedding to Maurice back in July. Even though they got married in the clink with $2 rings, the pair wanted a proper ceremony when he got out. And, they walked down the aisle a second time back in December 2019. Jessica gave birth to her son with Maurice in May 2020.

Jessica Gipson addressed the status of her baby recently. She said he is “adorable”. And she “can’t wait” to share more updates of her son with Love After Lockup fans. Because of the non-disclosure agreement cast members sign, Jessica won’t be able to spill all the details until after the season wraps.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

Love After Lockup Update: Jessica Talks Baby & More

Even though Jessica Gipson was careful about what she revealed to Love After Lockup followers, she did offer some bread crumbs regarding where things are currently for her and her WEtv family. Jessica said she lost 30 pounds after having her son. According to her, the weight just “fell off”.

Jessica Gipson said she had an “easy delivery” with her Love After Lockup baby. And that she was only in labor for five hours. Interestingly, even though this is her first baby, she already wants more. Maurice’s wife said she wants a girl and another boy.

Meanwhile, even though the overall delivery was easy, Jessica Gipson said carrying a child during COVID-19 was “ridiculous”. She added that Maurice was there for the delivery. But, she went to most of her appointments alone. She also said she gets kidney stones often. And, because they can’t pass on their own, she has to have surgery each time. While pregnant, she dealt with kidney stones – and a kidney infection, too.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson

Maurice & WEtv Wife Still Going Strong

With everything going on in current Love After Lockup episodes, some viewers wonder if Maurice and his bride are still together. And according to Jessica Gipson, the pair are still going strong. She also said Maurice currently has a job. Though, she didn’t say what he does.

Many Love After Lockup watchers wonder how Maurice’s relationship with Jessica’s parents is. According to her, they “love” Maurice. And they babysit their grandson often. Meanwhile, she said her son looks just like his grandfather.

Jessica Gipson also shot down Love After Lockup rumors that she is on drugs. She said she has social anxiety. And, that being in front of the camera made that worse. Moreover, she added that she was “nervous” and “shy” with the crew and the cameras around. So, that may explain how she comes across on-camera.

Still, even with her share of Love After Lockup haters, Jessica Gipson seems happy with where things are with Maurice. And she said she would share updates of her baby boy once current episodes are off the air.

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