‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson & Maurice Hide Pregnancy from Her Parents

Love After Lockup‘s Jessica Gipson and Maurice hide her pregnancy from her family in upcoming episodes. Jessica’s parents still don’t trust Maurice. So, this is a big secret to keep under lock and key for the pair.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson & Maurice Hide Pregnancy

Love After Lockup spoilers show Maurice and Jessica Gipson keep their baby news a secret in new episodes. Finding out that Jessica is pregnant was a huge milestone for the pair. And, both Maurice and his wife were over the moon with the news that they’d have a child soon.

But, it’s clear from Love After Lockup spoilers that Jessica Gipson doesn’t want to share the happy news with everyone just yet. Jessica tells Maurice in Love After Lockup clips that he can’t say anything about her having a bun in the oven. And, this is right before they visit Jessica Gipson’s parents, too.

In previous Love After Lockup content, Maurice spilled the beans to Jessica Gipson’s family that he wasn’t supposed to be in the state at the time. Legally, he wasn’t supposed to leave California. But he did it anyway. And, Jessica Gipson’s relatives weren’t happy about that. So, it’s possible he lets the cat out of the bag this time around, too.

Love After Lockup: Maurice - Jessica Gipson

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Feels Trapped with Scott

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Lindsey Downs loses it over being trapped in the home she shares with Scott. She wears an ankle monitor as a condition of her release. And she doesn’t like it one bit. Meanwhile, even though she is out of jail, the COVID-19 lockdown rubs her the wrong way.

Now, Lindsey feels like the pandemic is an extension of her prison sentence. Meanwhile, Scott confronts Lindsey about the binder he found exposing her plot to use him. So, that sends her into a tailspin. Meanwhile, Dylan is adamant about not going back to prison in Love After Lockup spoilers.

Heather loses it after she feels he doesn’t give her enough attention. Heather waited years for her man to come out of the clink. And, now that he’s finally out, she doesn’t get the fairy tale ending she dreams of. Moreover, that sends her into a rage and puts his freedom in jeopardy.

Shawn Osborne Waits for Destinie

Things are rocky for Shawn Osborne and Destinie on Love After Lockup. Things escalated when she found him talking to the mother of his kids. He wasn’t honest about the fact that they talk every day. Meanwhile, Destinie lost it – and even hit Shawn in the face. Destine decided to go out and party. But, Shawn worries because she has an important court date coming up.

And, if she misses that, he owes the court $50k. So, there’s a lot at stake in this storyline. Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say that things then go from bad to worse for John Miller, too. Kristianna Roth got into some trouble at her halfway house. As a result, they restricted her access.

Also, John finds out she’s no longer a resident there. He worries about her slipping back into bad habits. And, as a former felon himself, he worries about the situations he could get into while trying to find her. Certainly, there’s a lot of drama heading into the next episode.

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