‘Love After Lockup’: Lindsey & Scott Finally Get Physical – Scott Off the Couch for Good?

Love After Lockup couple Lindsey Downs and boyfriend Scott have been on shaky ground lately. However, things seem to be taking a turn in the right direction for the WEtv reality couple. Will Lindsey finally let Scott back into their bed?

Love After Lockup: Scott in the Dog House

Love After Lockup viewers know Scott has been on Lindsey Downs’ bad side lately. Clearly, Lindsey was far from satisfied with the condition of their home. Remember, Lindsey flipped out on Scott because the house is not up to her standards yet. Furthermore, he admitted he and Lindsey have not been intimate yet.

Plus, she’s currently making Scott sleep on the sofa. Of course, he wants to make things right with Lindsey. So, he tries to get on her good side and it just may work. Soon, she seems to warm up to Scott. Perhaps, they may take their relationship to the next level soon on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Scott

Love After Lockup Update: Lindsey Downs Softens

Soon to come on Love After Lockup, Lindsey Downs seems to change her tune a bit. Recently, Scott arranged for her daughter Mylie Grace to come over and visit through the window. So, that might be what makes the ex-con change her mind. Soon, she may try to seduce Scott and it likely won’t take much. Recent spoilers show Lindsay lounging in their large bathtub.

No doubt, she is teasing him just a bit. Then, Lindsey tells him to take his clothes off and get in the tub with her. No doubt, he jumps at the chance and hops right in. So, they’re sure to get frisky and this might be a turning point for them. Now, he may finally get everything he wants and be able to share his bed with Lindsey on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs

Scott Off the Couch?

Love After Lockup stars Lindsey Downs and Scott might be on the road to a happier relationship soon. Their sexy night might lead to more and bring them closer together. Then, Scott may get the woman and life he hoped for. Of course, there’s always a chance that his lady is scamming him.

However, if that’s the case, she may decide to give up the “diabolical plan” once she sees how much her older man cares for her. Clearly, there is still hope for Scott and firecracker Lindsey Downs. So, be sure to catch the all-new Love After Lockup to see if Scott and ex-inmate girlfriend Lindsey Downs’ relationship improves.

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