‘Love after Lockup’: Scott Finds Disturbing Letter – Lindsey Downs’ Scam Exposed?

Love After Lockup star Scott gets a shock soon when he finds a bizarre letter from inmate-girlfriend Lindsey Downs that suggests she is scamming him. Recently, Scott said he is a risk-taker but the jailbird Lindsey is one risk he may regret taking on LALU.

Love After Lockup: Scott Head Over Heels

Love After Lockup season 3 castmember Scott gave up his life in New York to be with Lindsey Downs in Mississippi. Even though they’ve never met face-to-face, Scott is certain he is in love with her and she is the one. Also, he has faith in her that she will stay out of trouble to avoid going back to prison.

Love After Lockup: Scott - Lindsey Downs

Also, Scott has no problem coughing up the cash for whatever Lindsey Downs wants or needs. Clearly, Scott is loaded and doesn’t mind spending a ton of money on his inmate love. However, this might be exactly what Lindsey planned from the beginning. Of course, there’s a good chance the Love After Lockup celeb us just looking to get rich. And, Scott may be her target.

Love After Lockup: Scott


LALU: There May Proof Scott is Getting Scammed

Love After Lockup‘s Scott may be blind to the fact that could be his girlfriend’s sugar-daddy. Of course, he believes Lindsey Downs is in love with him and they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, he comes across something shocking that may change the way he sees her. Soon, he finds something in her handwriting where she describes someone as an “egomaniac”. Lindsey goes on to say she is used to this kind of man and knows how to play the game.

Also, Lindsey Downs lays out her “diabolical plan” in detail. Apparently, she plans to get the car, a wardrobe, and a bank account. Then, hack into his business account and slowly transfer money from his account to hers. Now, she may not be referring to Scott. But, it sure looks like it. So, after seeing this, he may not know what to do next on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup Season 3: Lindsey a Bad Girl at Heart

Scott’s girlfriend Lindsey Downs on Love After Lockup admits that she is bad at being good. Also, she comes clean about the fact that she always had older boyfriends because they were rich. At this point, it’s unclear if she only wants Scott for his money. But, all signs point in that direction. Clearly, Lindsey isn’t shy about the fact that she uses men for financial reasons.

So, Scott shouldn’t be any different. Also, when he goes to meet her at the airport she does not get off the plane. Perhaps, she is up to no good already. No doubt, Scott may be in for more than he bargained for. Don’t miss new Love After Lockup episodes on the WEtv channel to see if Scott is just a mark.

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