‘Love After Lockup’: Lindsey’s Skeletons Come out of the Closet with Scott

Love After Lockup‘s Lindsey Downs‘ skeletons come out of the closet with Scott in new episodes. Meanwhile, things are already rocky for the pair as she adjusts to life out of prison.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Keeping Secrets from Scott

Scott recently found Lindsey Downs’ binder. And in it, handwritten pages detail her plans to scam the businessman from New York. Meanwhile, when Scott confronted her about it with the evidence in hand, she denied all of it. But Scott has his doubts.

Things got off to a rocky start for Scott and Lindsey Downs on Love After Lockup. She wasn’t on the flight she was supposed to be on. And he didn’t get to pick her up at the airport – according to the original plan. Scott had a limousine with fancy food and champagne. But Lindsey Downs was a no-show.

In addition, Love After Lockup introduced viewers to Lindsey Downs’ friend, Tara Belle. They have a long history together. And there are things Lindsey keeps from Scott. Moreover, Tara Belle said “it’s always about the money” with Lindsey Downs. So, there’s still a lot Lindsey needs to come clean about if she wants to build something with Scott moving forward.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore & Quaylon Get into it

Love After Lockup spoilers say things go from bad to worse for Shavel Moore and Quaylon. Shavel caught her man in a lie when he was out with his sisters and another woman in Houston. He bought a one-way ticket to see his family and give himself some space. But Shavel isn’t down with that plan. Meanwhile, spoilers say she gives her man an ultimatum.

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Kristianna Roth has a difficult choice to make. She was intimate with John Miller in the previous episode. And the pair really lived it up together. But she still has to face the music for her actions. She bailed on the halfway house. And she has to leave her family and John behind.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

Shawn Osborne Caught in the Crossfire

Love After Lockup spoilers say Shawn Osborne is in the middle of the two women in his life. WEtv teased a tense sit-down between Destine and the mother of Shawn’s children, Kelly. Shawn just proposed to Destine – and she said yes. So, Shawn worries about how Kelly will take the engagement news. And this adds to the tension as the women meet for the first time.

Meanwhile, the drama is high for Jessica Gipson and Maurice as the pair get ready to walk down the aisle and have a ceremony in front of their friends and family. Jessica Gipson found her wedding dress in the previous episode. And she broke the news to her mother that she and Maurice are expecting their first child. Moreover, Love After Lockup spoilers say there’s a surprise guest at their wedding.

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