‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Bradshaw Gets the Last Laugh with Lindsey?

Love After Lockup celeb Scott Bradshaw may get the last word with Lindsey Downs based on the latest updates from him. Things unfold for the pair on current episodes of Life After Lockup. But events in real-time are drastically different than what’s currently playing out on the show.

Love After Lockup: Trust Issues for Scott Bradshaw & Lindsey Downs

Things seem to go from bad to worse weekly for Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw on the Love After Lockup spinoff. Scott went through Lindsey’s things. And after getting out of prison, she didn’t like that invasion of her privacy. Meanwhile, recent episodes show her returning the favor.

When Scott left the Love After Lockup home they share, Lindsey used the opportunity to go through his items – and she certainly found things she didn’t expect. Scott told her he bought the house for them to live in. But based on her findings, it looks like it’s only a rental.

In addition, Lindsey Downs went through Scott Bradshaw’s old phone. And she found interactions between him and another woman – including pictures and text messages. So there’s a lot of Love After Lockup drama currently for these two.

Life After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott Bradshaw

Love After Lockup: Scott Seeing Lindsey Again – in Court

Turns out, Scott Bradshaw will see Lindsey Downs again – but with a twist. According to Scott, he recently got a subpoena to appear in court. Soap Dirt broke the news that Lindsey is back behind bars since her time filming with Scott. Lindsey was arrested three times since her first season of Love After Lockup – and things don’t look promising for the convict.

Lindsey Downs faces a long stint behind bars for a parole violation – in addition to other charges. As Soap Dirt reported exclusively, some of these charges include possession of a controlled substance with intent, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen vehicle and property, and fleeing arrest. So that’s a lot on her plate for the Love After Lockup alum.

Meanwhile, even though Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs called it quits some time ago, seeing her in court will be “karma”, according to her ex-boyfriend from New York. He will testify in Lindsey Downs’ criminal case. And what he says could impact how much time the Love After Lockup convict serves.

Life After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw - Lindsey Downs

Moving on from Criminal Ex-Girlfriend for Good?

Soap Dirt sources confirmed Scott Bradshaw threw Lindsey out of their shared home in Mississippi. This was back when their first season of Love After Lockup aired – before they were on the spinoff. Meanwhile, he said recently that the pair were already over when currently-airing scenes filmed. And it looks like he is more than ready to put his past with her behind him.

Even so, it looks like he won’t be able to completely close the book on this situation until his testimony is complete and he is free to go. Following Lindsey’s crime spree, she could be locked up for a very long time. And Scott testifying against his ex could be a way for him to close this chapter for good – and get the final word in as well.

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