‘Love After Lockup’: Drug Dealer Lindsey Downs Using Scott for Money?

Love After Lockup spoilers for the all-new episodes introduce Scott and Lindsey Downs. Scott is a successful entrepreneur that fell in love with a convict. He seems to have no problem footing the bill to find love. But, whether or not that comes back to bite is certainly worth watching. What else do we know about this couple?

Love After Lockup: Scott a Successful Businessman

Scott says in Love After Lockup teasers that he is a risk-taker when it comes to his business. And, it certainly looks like that applies when finding love with an inmate, too. He says he is successful when it comes to business. But, he hasn’t been so lucky in love.

Scott describes his dating life over the last decade in very transactional terms. He says in Love After Lockup spoilers that its been on a “short term”, “as needed” basis. Interestingly, he says he doesn’t want to get with someone that’s a “train wreck”. But, as many Love After Lockup fans know, that’s usually the case when dating inmates.

LALU: Lindsey Downs Too Hot to Handle?

Turns out, Lindsey Downs tried to outrun the cops at over 100 miles an hour with crystal meth in the vehicle. Scott believes his Love After Lockup lady will follow the rules once Lindsey is out of prison. And, that’s certainly something to watch when the new episodes air.

Meanwhile, Scott is in love with Lindsey Downs even though the pair never met in person. So, it’s worth seeing if the feelings are mutual on her end of things. Lindsey says in Love After Lockup spoilers that Scott is really “sincere”. And, that she connected with him on a “deeper level”. But, that connection will certainly be tested this season.

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Pair

One red flag early for Lindsey Downs and Scott is that he has no problem opening his wallet for her. This has the potential to cause a lot of drama if she abuses it. Love After Lockup followers remember Scott Davey dropping over $90k on Lizzie Kommes during their time together. And, many watchers wonder if Lindsey does the same thing.

Lindsey says in Love After Lockup teaser clips that Scott takes care of her, her mother, and her daughter as well. He certainly seems to have the means to do so. But, whether or not this causes friction in their relationship once she’s a free woman is certainly something to see. Lindsey says she had “a few” older boyfriends before she sold drugs because they were “rich”. So, it’s possible she continues that with him.

As an added kicker, Scott wants to marry his Love After Lockup girlfriend. But, he keeps her a secret from his family. When he finally breaks the news to them will surely be a major source of drama in their storyline this season.

Meanwhile, Lindsey says she loves Scott. But, that dynamic could change once she gets out. On top of that, there’s always the possibility she falls back into her criminal habits as well.

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