‘Love after Lockup’: Scott Plans Dream Home – Lindsey Downs Hits Jackpot

Love After Lockup new cast member Lindsey Downs hit the jackpot with entrepreneur Scott who plans to give her and her daughter the home of their dreams. Of course, Scott thinks it’s true love but there’s always a chance Lindsey is scamming him on LALU.

Love After Lockup: Honor Student Lindsey Downs Turned Drug Dealer

Love After Lockup star Lindsey Downs is 27 and from Mississippi where she was an honor student and cheerleader. Unfortunately, she took a wrong turn and became involved with methamphetamine. So, she ended up in prison for possession of meth and a firearm. Lindsey even led the police on a high-speed chase before they caught her.

Sadly, she also has a young daughter who was likely affected by her criminal ways. However, things may all turn around for her now that she has Scott. He is already providing for Lindsey Downs and her little girl and has been through their entire relationship. Plus, Scott even helps her mother out who may be raising the young girl on Love After Lockup.

LALU: Scott Uproots his Life

Love After Lockup‘s Scott is 51 and from New York where he is a very successful businessman. However, he has not had a long-term relationship in the last 10 years. Also, Lindsey Downs is quite younger than him which raises some eyebrows. So, some people suspect Lindsey is using him for his money. But, the real kicker is that they’ve never even met.

However, that’s not stopping Scott. He says is very much in love with Lindsey Downs. And, he believes she will change her life and stay out of prison. So, Scott is ready to flip his whole world upside down for her. And, he’s about to move both Lindsey and her daughter into a home he is creating personally for her. Also, he is adamant that he sees marriage in their future on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Scott Plans to Create Lindsey’s Dream Home – Will He Regret It?

Love After Lockup newb Scott just hired an interior designer to remodel his house into exactly the kind of home Lindsey Downs wants. And, of course, it’s not cheap. So, Scott is ready to spend at least 30,000 dollars to re-design his home. Surely, it looks like he might get taken advantage of. However, Lindsey says she connects with him on a deeper level and that he is her support system.

In fact, she says he has kept her going through her time in the slammer. Also, Lindsey Downs claims she is in love with Scott. And, she hopes they will be together forever as a happy family. So, is Lindsey telling the truth or is Scott being played for a fool? Only time will tell so we must wait and see. Make sure to catch new Love After Lockup episodes on WEtv to see what’s in store for Scott and Lindsey.

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