‘Love After Lockup’: Heather Rages at Dylan in Mid-Season Premiere

Love After Lockup‘s Heather rages at Dylan in new episodes. The WEtv show returns. And, there’s a lot of drama for each of the couples in upcoming episodes.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Heather Flips Out on Dylan

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Heather losing it on Dylan in the mid-season premiere. Things were on a high in previous episodes as Dylan was finally out of prison. But, spoilers for the upcoming content say that changes quickly for the pair.

Dylan says every moment out of prison with Heather is an “absolute nightmare”. Heather goes from being eager to be intimate with Dylan to yelling at him and raging at her felon boyfriend. So, it’s clear something happens to put an end to the honeymoon phase for the pair.

Heather has Dylan’s name inked on her in several different languages. And, he said in previous episodes that he worried about how invested she is in their relationship. Meanwhile, based on upcoming clips for the rest of the Love After Lockup season, something sets Heather off in a big way. And, it doesn’t look like they can come back from it.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say Dylan runs into issues with his parole officer as well. So, he has things to deal with on that end – on top of the drama in his relationship with Heather.

Love After Lockup: Heather - Dylan

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Wants More Cash from Scott

Lindsey Downs wants more money from Scott, too. A friend of hers says it’s all about finding someone with the most cash. And, if Scott isn’t that guy, she will move on to the next and find someone that can provide that for her. Meanwhile, spoilers for upcoming content say the businessman from New York does something that sets her off.

John Miller receives a troubling phone call that changes everything – especially when it comes to his future plans with Kristianna Roth. John gets the news that Kristianna is no longer at the halfway house. And, her mother adds that when she relapsed in the past, the “demons got her”. John goes looking for her. But, as a former felon himself, he worries about the situations this could put him in.

Speaking of money, someone questions Tyrice about how much money he spent on Chanda since they got together. He hesitates to answer. So, it’s likely a significant chunk this far into their relationship. Meanwhile, clips show Tyrice meeting a “young lady”. But, WEtv doesn’t show her face. That’s likely intentional to hype their Love After Lockup storyline. But, it adds something extra to their upcoming scenes.

Love After Lockup: Scott - Lindsey Downs

Jessica Gipson’s Dad Puts Maurice to the Test

Even though the initial meeting between Maurice and Jessica Gipson’s parents went well on Love After Lockup, spoilers show her dad has another test for the former felon. He hands Maurice a thousand dollars in cash. He wants to see if he can trust him with that kind of money. Meanwhile, Maurice thinks about flipping that cash at the casino and making even more.

In addition, Love After Lockup spoilers say Destinie ditches Shawn Osborne. They had a major fight in the mid-season finale when she found him talking to his ex. Turns out, Destinie ignores Shawn and doesn’t answer any of his calls. Even so, she still has court dates she needs to show up for. And, if she doesn’t, Shawn is on the hook for $50k.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble in paradise for Shavel Moore and Quaylon, too. Turns out, Quaylon is out and about with another woman. And, Shavel asks him if he is on a “date”. Quaylon out with someone else pushes Shavel’s buttons. He has a “so what” attitude about the whole thing. But, Shavel sees things differently. She tells her felon lover that he needs to “own up”, “be a man”, and let her know “what’s up”.

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