‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lindsey Back in Prison – Scott Tossed Her Out?

Love After Lockup‘s Lindsey Downs soon meets Scott at the airport – but it looks like all she got was a one-way ticket back to jail. We’ve got the latest on Lindsey’s legal troubles that cropped up after LALU began filming – and what’s next for her.

A source close to Scott and Lindsey Downs told Soap Dirt that Scott’s tossed her out of their shared home. And, now he’s done with her after her recent crime spree.

Love After Lockup Update: Lindsey Downs Using Scott? He Supported Her & Daughter Both

On the first couple of episodes of Love After Lockup, we saw Scott getting ready for Lindsey Downs to get out of prison. It turns out he’s financially supported her while behind bars – and also took care of her mom and daughter. Now, Lindsey’s mom hopes Scott will be a good influence on her daughter.

Love After Lockup showed us Scott preparing for Lindsey Downs’ arrival by moving to Mississippi and getting a nice big house for them. Scott even hired a designer to take care of all Lindsey’s requests for their new place. Plus, he got her the latest iPhone she demanded.

And Love After Lockup star Scott showed off an expensive pile of clothes he bought her. Plus, he’s been keeping her daughter dressed for school and covering her living expenses. Then, LALU left us hanging while he waited on Lindsey’s flight. She’ll land – but things get rougher from there.

Love After Lockup: Scott - Lindsey Downs

Lindsey Arrested Three Times Since Release

On the last Love After Lockup, her mother, Brenda, was in tears because Lindsey’s already lost four years with her daughter while behind bars. Mylie Grace is 10 and missed her mom terribly. Yet despite Lindsey having so much help from Scott, she wound up back in trouble within weeks.

According to our research, the federal authorities released Lindsey on May 1, 2020. Then, by mid-June, seven weeks later, local police in Missippi arrested her on serious charges. She got out. Then a local sheriff department arrested the Love After Lockup repeat offender again in early July.

They confirmed to Soap Dirt exclusively that they charged Lindsey Downs with possession of a controlled substance with intent, and possession of a firearm by a felon. We’re told since her May release, Lindsey was also popped for possession of a stolen vehicle and property and fleeing arrest. That’s a lot of Love After Lockup drama ahead.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Daughter Mylie Grace - Scott

Where is She Now? Love After Lockup Felon Faces Years in Federal Prison

After these two arrests, which violated Lindsey Downs’ probation, she was picked up again 10 days ago. Now, she remains behind bars. And she faces significant prison time for violating her parole. Plus, she faces time for the new charges she racked up since May.

Depending on how long Sharp Entertainment shot the Love After Lockup season, some of this drama might play out on WE tv episodes. SD contacted Lindsey’s federal public defender who said, “I don’t have any comment.” She’s still behind bars and we’ve heard she’ll remain there.

We’ll let you know when we have an update. But for now, things don’t look good for Lindsey Downs, Scott, or her adorable daughter. She had less than three months with her mother before Lindsey went looking for trouble and found it. Stay tuned here for updates often.

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