‘Life After Lockup’: Scott Dishes on Lindsey & Production Trickery

Life After Lockup star Scott Bradshaw recently dished on Lindsey Downs and some clever tactics he claims were used by production. The WEtv pair are in current episodes of the Love After Lockup spinoff. And Scott recently spilled the beans on some of what went on behind the scenes.

Life After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw Dishes on Lindsey Downs

Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw deal with a lot of issues in current Life After Lockup episodes. There are a lot of trust issues for the pair. And Scott seems to catch onto the fact that Lindsey uses him for what he can “provide” for her. Meanwhile, the businessman from New York talked about some of what went on.

Life After Lockup watchers that follow Soap Dirt know the pair are no longer together. And things got much worse for Lindsey since filming wrapped. As we reported, Lindsey is back behind bars – and she faces a significant amount of time there.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott Bradshaw

Life After Lockup: Production Getting Creative with Lindsey & Scott Storyline?

According to Scott Bradshaw, he and Lindsey Downs were already “over” in currently-airing episodes. Even though they have their problems on-camera, current content makes it seem like they’re still together. Based on Scott’s claims, that isn’t the case.

Meanwhile, Scott Bradshaw claims Life After Lockup producers kept him out of the loop. He says he was “not privy to, present or even aware” of some of the scenes and conversations that took place while filming. And according to him, this was all “by design”.

Production creating manufactured drama is a regular topic among Life After Lockup fans. Other reality show stars have made the same claims.

Life After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott Bradshaw

WEtv Celeb Not Bitter About His Experience

Lindsey Downs using Scott Bradshaw for money has been a recurring storyline on Life After Lockup since they were first introduced. He moved from New York to Mississippi – and even bought a house for them to live in. Meanwhile, with only a few episodes left in the current spinoff season, Scott recently talked about some of what went on between him and his felon ex.

Scott Bradshaw said he wasn’t oblivious to the Life After Lockup “red flags” with Lindsey Downs. He added that he wanted to give her a “second chance to do something different”. A point of conflict between the pair in current episodes is Scott not finishing the house the way Lindsey wants. Scott said his “confidence in her waned” as more red flags appeared. And that’s why he didn’t get things done to her liking.

Even though things didn’t work out between the Life After Lockup duo, Scott Bradshaw isn’t bitter about the experience. He said he “really cared” for Lindsey Downs. And he “saw some good” in the felon. He wanted her to “do better”. But at the end of the day, he said he couldn’t “do it for her”. Still, he said it was a “great experience overall”. And even though things went south for the former couple, he doesn’t seem to have regrets.

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