‘Love After Lockup’: Maurice Comes Home for the First Time – See Pic

Love After Lockup cast member Maurice was just released on the brand new season of the WEtv show with Jessica Gipson. And, throwback photos from the network show the felon coming home for the first time. How does Maurice adjust to life back on the outside?

Love After Lockup: Maurice Comes Home

Throwback pics show the former Love After Lockup felon coming home to Jessica Gipson. The former gang member was just let out of the clink on the show. And, those first few moments of freedom are always something to watch in terms of how the former inmates handle it.

Meanwhile, whether or not the Love After Lockup felons return to their lives of crime after release is always a concern too. LALU watchers saw the emotional reunion between Maurice and Jessica Gipson when she finally picked him up from prison. But, this is only the beginning of their WEtv journey.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

Maurice Has to Win Over Jessica Gipson’s Family

Getting out of prison for Maurice is just the first hurdle on Love After Lockup. After the initial rush of freedom passes, the WEtv pair have to see if they’re actually compatible on the outside. They were intimate for the first time in two years in recent episodes. And, what they do next is a big question so far this season.

One of the things Jessica and Maurice need to reconcile is their drastically different lifestyles. Maurice is a former gang-banger. And, Jessica’s relatives don’t support her union with him. Jessica Gipson already lost one of her siblings due to her relationship with him. And, she worries her parents won’t accept him now that he’s out.

Meanwhile, Maurice is out of jail with a chip on his shoulder. He wants to be himself and doesn’t feel he needs to impress Jessica Gipson or her family. Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers tease drama when Maurice finally meets Jessica’s dad face to face.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Pair?

Recent Love After Lockup leaks reveal a huge spoiler for Maurice and wife Jessica Gipson. Turns out, the pair married for a second time back in January 2019. And, as an added bonus, she was pregnant at the time with his child. Further leaks reveal she gave birth in May 2020. But, it’s likely Love After Lockup watchers won’t see the baby until after the episodes air due to contract reasons.

Maurice is just getting a taste of life on the outside with Jessica Gipson in current Love After Lockup episodes. But, it’s clear they wasted no time when it came to building a family and starting a life together.

Maurice talked about the conjugal visits he had with Jessica while he was still behind bars. They were nothing like the freedom he had when he got to be intimate with his wife for the first time after they let him out. And, it’s clear they went right to the baby-making, too.

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