‘Love After Lockup’: Fans Think Jessica Gipson is on Drugs – Maurice’s Wife Claps Back

Love After Lockup star Jessica Gipson is just getting introduced to viewers – along with inmate husband, Maurice. But, viewers already call her out based on what WEtv shows. What’s the latest on the new cast member?

Love After Lockup: Is Jessica Gipson on Drugs?

Love After Lockup cameras show Jessica Gipson has a slow speech pattern in scenes. This has lead some fans to say she’s “out there”. Drugs are a common issue when it comes to LALU inmates and their civilian spouses. And, some fans think Jessica might be on something based on how she acts.

A Love After Lockup fan recently asked Jessica Gipson if she’s on drugs. And, she had an interesting response to the direct inquiry. First, Jessica was taken aback by such a forward question. But, that comes with the territory with Love After Lockup fame.

Love After Lockup: Maurice - Jessica Gipson

Does Jessica Gipson Have a Medical Condition?

According to Love After Lockup celeb Jessica Gipson, she says she has “medical issues”. She prefaced that reveal saying it’s not anyone’s business. But, she added that they are the result of “malpractice” by a doctor. Meanwhile, Maurice’s wife didn’t go into specifics. But, it’s definitely more than enough for WEtv viewers to talk about.

It seems Jessica Gipson still adjusts to being in the public eye as well. Asking Love After Lockup cast members personal questions is certainly nothing new. And, it may be something Jessica needs to adapt to – especially so early into the brand new season of the show.

It’s possible more on this comes to light as the Love After Lockup episodes progress. But, at least for right now, Jessica didn’t take the time to elaborate. On top of that, some followers think she uses this as a way to deflect and not answer the question directly. Either way, it’s worth seeing what else comes to the surface as the new episodes continue.

Love After Lockup: Jessica

Love After Lockup: What’s Next for Maurice & His Wife?

Jessica Gipson said recently that keeping Love After Lockup spoilers a secret is “soooo hard” when it comes to her relationship with Maurice. The pair had an emotional reunion on the most recent episode of the WEtv show. And, there are a lot of things working against them as they adjust to their lives as a couple on the outside.

Many Love After Lockup followers want to know if Maurice and his bride are still together. And, that’s one of the major things Jessica Gipson tries to keep under wraps until the season finale. Meanwhile, even though they just had a happy reunion, both Jessica and Maurice have a lot of issues to iron out.

One of the biggest hurdles for this Love After Lockup couple is getting Jessica’s relatives to approve of her union with Maurice. Her sister cut her off completely when she found out about the relationship. And, as things currently stand, her parents don’t seem too far behind.

Meanwhile, Maurice feels he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself. So, this sets the stage for a lot of family drama as he adjusts to life on the outside.

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