‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica’s Parents Don’t Accept Marriage to Maurice

Love After Lockup celeb Jessica Gipson says it was love at first sight when she spotted Maurice. They are one of the fresh pairs on the new season of WEtv’s show. What do we know so far about them?

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Meets Maurice on Dating Site

A lot of Love After Lockup cast members meet their criminal boyfriends and girlfriends on prison pen pal websites. But, in Maurice and Jessica Gipson’s case, she found him on a typical dating site. And, Maurice caught Jessica’s eye right away.

Jessica Gipson says in Love After Lockup spoiler clips that Maurice is “fu***** handsome”. And, it’s clear the physical attraction is there. But, how things pan out once he is no longer behind bars is definitely a big question mark for these two heading into the fresh episodes.

Burglar Husband Maurice

Turns out, Maurice is in the clink for burglary. And, he was sentenced to seven years behind bars. Jessica Gipson says the pair have been together for four-and-a-half years. And, they even married behind bars. So, it’s clear they are ahead of the game in terms of where they are in their relationship.

Interestingly, Jessica Gipson didn’t find out Love After Lockup hubby Maurice was behind bars until after she checked out his profile. And, either way, it’s clear that didn’t stop Jessica from pursuing this life path with him. Still, it’s worth tuning in to see where the drama comes this season in their storyline.

Love After Lockup: Jessica’s Family a Huge Hurdle for the Pair

Even though the attraction was instant for Jessica when she found Love After Lockup husband, Maurice, her family isn’t over the moon with her choices. Jessica believes Maurice won’t do anything to put himself back in prison. But, her relatives don’t buy it. As Love After Lockup fans see, many convict cast members relapse on drugs and/or go back to their criminal ways. And, Jessica’s relatives think Maurice will do the same.

Even though the pair tied the knot in prison with a $2 ring, Jessica wants a proper wedding once Maurice is out. And, whether or not she gets the support of her family is something to keep an eye on as the new season progresses. Jessica Gipson says her mother shed tears when she broke the marriage news. And, her father needs some serious convincing before he accepts his daughter’s choice for a husband.

Jessica’s father says in Love After Lockup teasers that he doesn’t support her marriage to Maurice. And, her choice to walk down the aisle with him was completely unexpected. Meanwhile, even though her parents don’t accept her marriage, Jessica says standing by her LALU husband is the right decision. She fully believes he will stay out of trouble once he’s out. And, whether or not he does that is definitely worth watching when the fresh episodes air.

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