‘Love After Lockup’ Leak: Jessica’s Shotgun Wedding to Maurice – Pregnant with His Baby?

Love After Lockup spoilers say Jessica Gipson already married felon husband Maurice for a second time. Whether or not they marry again on the outside is a huge part of their storyline in current LALU episodes. And, based on the latest leaks, it looks like they already went through with it.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Jessica Gipson & Maurice Tie the Knot

Leaked Love After Lockup photos show Jessica Gipson and husband Maurice dressed up and ready to walk down the aisle. And, it turns out, their wedding took place back in December of 2019. Jessica says on the WEtv show that the pair married in prison with $2 rings. But, she wanted a proper ceremony once he got out.

Currently on Love After Lockup, their wedding plans are up in the air because Maurice needs to prove himself to her family first. And, this sets the stage for a lot of drama with Maurice officially out of the clink. But, these leaked photos are a major spoiler when it comes to their storyline on the new season of the WEtv show.

Whether or not Jessica’s parents accept Maurice is a huge unknown in their storyline this season on Love After Lockup. Jessica’s sister already cut her off because of her relationship with the felon. And, Jessica Gipson worries that her parents will do the same. But, based on recent leaked photos, it’s clear Maurice won them over – since they had the second ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

Jessica Pregnant with Maurice’s Baby?

This Love After Lockup wedding leak isn’t the only reveal for Maurice and wife Jessica Gipson. LALU spoilers say their December 2019 wedding was a shotgun affair – meaning she was pregnant with his WEtv baby at the time. So, that’s a lot to take in as their storyline gets underway.

In addition, further Love After Lockup spoilers say Jessica Gipson already gave birth to her LALU baby with Maurice. Jessica first dropped hints about her pregnancy online back in November 2019. She shared her first baby bump pics in April and May of 2020. And, she welcomed a baby boy in the middle of May.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson - Maurice

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Couple?

Based on her Love After Lockup pregnancy timeline, she gave birth right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, that comes with its own risks and complications. But, it looks like everything went smoothly for the Love After Lockup mom following kidney stones and a kidney infection while with child. Meanwhile, it’s clear Jessica and groom Maurice wasted no time getting busy once he was out of jail.

Another big question now is when viewers will get to see the Love After Lockup baby. Production usually waits until the end of the season for that kind of reveal. So, it’s likely Jessica Gipson holds off on sharing pictures of her son until after the current season wraps.

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