‘Love After Lockup’: Maurice Has Nothing to Prove to Jessica’s Family [Deleted Scene]

Love After Lockup deleted scenes show Jessica Gipson on her way to pick up Maurice. There’s a lot of drama leading up to her criminal husband’s release. And, one episode into the new season, there’s already a lot to dig into when it comes to this storyline. What else do deleted scenes reveal?

Love After Lockup: Jessica Gipson on Her Way to Get Maurice

On the most recent episode of Love After Lockup, Jessica Gipson is on her way to pick Maurice up from prison. There are a lot of nerves as anticipation builds. Jessica says she and Maurice have been together almost five years. And, even though they got married in the clink, one of the things they want to do is have a bigger wedding when he’s out.

Meanwhile, a big hurdle for Jessica Gipson even before Maurice’s release is the rift their relationship causes in her family. Jessica said in the most recent Love After Lockup episode that her sister cut her off after she found out about the relationship she has with Maurice. And, even though her parents still talk to her, they certainly don’t support her union with the felon.

Love After Lockup: Jessica - Maurice

Does Maurice Have Something to Prove?

In the Love After Lockup extra scene, Jessica Gipson talks to Maurice on the phone on her way to pick him up. They talk about marrying again and having a bigger ceremony once he’s out. They also talk about things he wants to do once he’s finally free.

Meanwhile, the conversation turns sour when the topic of her family comes up. Jessica tells him that he needs to prove to her family that he can do everything he says he will do – stay out of trouble and take care of their daughter. But, the way Maurice sees it, the only person he has to prove anything to is himself.

Family Conflict on Love After Lockup?

Maurice says in the Love After Lockup scene that he “doesn’t give a flying f***” what anyone thinks of him or his choices. In his mind, people always have something to say no matter what. So, it doesn’t look like he’s in any mood to play nice with her relatives once he’s out.

Maurice adds that he wants to hit the ground running and be a “successful person”. And, how he goes about that fresh out of jail is definitely something to watch. On top of that, Jessica worries that he may find himself in the same circles that got him in trouble in the first place. So, even before he wins over her parents, Jessica says he has to prove himself to her.

Ultimately, Jessica Gipson doesn’t want to choose between Maurice and her family on Love After Lockup. This relationship already cost her the bond she had with her sister. And, she doesn’t want her parents to cut her off, too. So far, there’s a lot of drama leading up to Maurice’s release. And, there’s certainly a lot to tune in for when the next episode airs.

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