‘Love after Lockup’: John Goes All-Out for His Prison Love

Love After Lockup castmember John Miller gets ready to pick up his felon girlfriend Kristianna Roth from prison and has a huge surprise in store for her. LALU fans know he plans to ask for her hand in marriage on the spot. But, he goes way over the top hoping she’ll say yes on the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup: John Miller Goes Over the Top

John Miller pulls out all the stops on the next episode of Love After Lockup as he heads out to pick Kristianna Roth up from prison. Remember, John plans to take a big risk and ask Kristianna to marry him right on the spot. So, he rents a stretch limousine in an attempt to sweep her off her feet.

No doubt, John Miller hopes his grand gesture will sway Kristianna Roth towards saying yes. Of course, this could all backfire and send her running for the hills. But, John puts his faith in Kristianna and hopes it will all work out the way he wants on Love After Lockup.  

LALU: John Hopes for the Best

Love After Lockup star John Miller admits he’s impulsive because life is too short and he just wants to live life. Also, most of his relationships were not happy and he believes this time will be different. Soon, he tries to be more optimistic. At this point, there’s not much John can do besides hope for the best.

So, John Miller’s about to put his heart on the line and risk losing her forever. He loves Kristianna Roth and he wants to make it official. That way she’s out of prison and off the market. And, this time, John wants it to be for good. But, there’s a solid chance his antics could scare Kristianna off on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Not in Love Yet

John Miller, of Love After Lockup, may be in for disappointment when pops the question to Kristianna Roth. It turns out, because they haven’t dated in the real world yet, she can’t make that big move. So, she says she loves him – but she’s not in love with him. That’s also because they haven’t been intimate yet.

So, John’s just going to take “a shot in the dark” and see what happens. No doubt, viewers will be on the edge of their seats when he gets down on one knee for Kristianna. Don’t miss brand new Love After Lockup on WEtv this Friday at 9 pm to see John Miller take a leap of faith with his inmate girlfriend.

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