‘Love after Lockup’: John an Ex-con – Sapphire Worries Her Dad Will Go Back to Prison

Love After Lockup newbie John Miller can’t wait to marry jailbird girlfriend Kristianna Roth but his daughter, Sapphire worries it will trigger his old habits. Apparently, John has his own criminal past and Sapphire is nervous he may end up back in the slammer if he marries a fellow ex-con on LALU.

Love After Lockup: John Miller Puts Wedding Plans into Motion

New Love After Lockup star John Miller is eager to tie the knot with Kristianna Roth when she gets out of prison. Recently, he began preparations to turn his pickup truck into a wedding chapel. So, the day Kristianna gets out of prison, John can propose and get married immediately. Of course, there is always a chance she will get spooked and say no.

Surely, it may be too fast for her. Now, John Miller knows that’s a possibility but he has high hopes that Kristianna Roth will say yes. So, with the help of his brother Cordell, he prepared his truck for the nuptials. So, John hopes Kristianna will be as eager as he is to become husband and wife on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: John

John Shocks Daughter with News Of Kristianna Roth

Love After Lockup celeb John Miller has eight children from his previous marriages and relationships. And, he hadn’t told any of them about Kristianna Roth and his plans to marry her. Recently, John told his eighteen-year-old daughter Sapphire about his plans. Clearly, she was in shock.

Also, Sapphire pulled up Kristianna’s arrest record and was in shock of how long it was. Of course, Sapphire is nervous about this woman taking advantage of her father. But, her biggest concern is that her dad could end up in prison himself. Come to find out, John Miller of Love After Lockup is an ex-convict as well. And, John did serious time in the past.

Love After Lockup: Sapphire Worries her Dad Will go Back to Prison

John’s child Sapphire has every reason to worry about John’s involvement with a felon on Love After Lockup. Apparently, when he was younger he was a scam artist. Turns out, John Miller used to print his own checks and change one or two digits in the account number to make it look like a mistake. Eventually, his time was up and he did 12 years in prison. He got out in 2008 and never wants to go back.

Shockingly it did not cross John’s mind that John could go back to jail. Now, he thinks he’s strong enough to stay away from that lifestyle after being out of jail for so long. And, he thinks it’s time to live a little on Love After Lockup. However, Sapphire does not feel the same way. She thinks it’s a huge mistake and that it’s too fast. Of course, she’s afraid her dad will get into trouble and end up back behind bars because of Kristianna Roth.

Another thing that concerns Sapphire is that they are Native American. And, John Miller plans to have a Native wedding. Now, if you are married in a Native ceremony you cannot get a divorce. The only way he will be able to end the marriage is if Kristianna does something to go against what the wedding stands for. But, he doesn’t think that will happen and wants to hope for the best and see where it takes him.

Be sure to catch new episodes of Love After Lockup on the WEtv channel to see if Sapphire will accept the choice John Miller made.

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