‘Love After Lockup’: John Pops the Question – Moving Too Fast for Kristianna Roth?

Love After Lockup spoilers say John Miller has one more surprise in store for Kristianna Roth after popping the question. His inmate lover said yes to marrying him. But, she doesn’t know he has one more thing up his sleeve. What else do teasers reveal?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: John Miller Pops the Question

John Miller asked inmate girlfriend Kristianna Roth to become his wife on Love After Lockup. And, luckily for him, she agreed. Kristianna just got out of prison on the WEtv show. But, John wastes no time getting engaged to his felon lover.

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal the pair bask in each other’s company while riding in a limousine. And, even though Kristianna Roth said yes to John, he still has one more trick in the bag. And, he’s not sure how Kristianna will take what he has planned for her.

Love After Lockup: John - Kristianna

John Wants to Marry Kristianna Roth Right Away

Even though Kristianna Roth agreed to John Miller’s proposal, she doesn’t know that he still has other plans for them. He wants to have their wedding on the same day she gets out. And, he organized the whole thing – complete with a pickup truck chapel.

John is so ready to spend the rest of his life with Kristianna Roth that he doesn’t want to wait. But, it’s possible this is too much for Kristianna fresh out of the clink. Meanwhile, he may come on too strong for her liking. And, this could cause friction in their relationship so soon after she gets out.

John refers to his makeshift setup in the back of his truck as his “mobile wedding chapel” in Love After Lockup spoilers. And, even though he is halfway to the life he wants to live with Kristianna Roth, he doesn’t know for sure if Kristianna will agree to be his wife on the spot.

Love After Lockup Celeb Running Out of Time?

Love After Lockup spoilers show John Miller tries to make his elaborate wedding plans work. But, he has other things working against him, too. Kristianna Roth needs be at the designated halfway house by a certain time. And, if Kristianna misses that curfew, she could go right back to prison.

Love After Lockup fans saw similar drama play out with Tony and Angela Gail on their season of the WEtv show. Tony was on the run after skipping out on his halfway house. So, not showing up is a huge deal – with very severe consequences.

So, even though John Miller has all these elaborate plans, he is definitely on the clock when it comes to pulling everything off. And, Love After Lockup spoilers say he cuts it pretty close. One of John’s friends says in Love After Lockup teasers that he’s the kind of guy that likes taking risks. But, even so, those around him don’t agree with his hasty decision to make Kristianna his wife.

It’s also possible that his quick decision-making comes back to bite him as the new season progresses. Love After Lockup spoilers end on a cliffhanger with Kristianna saying everything is so “fast-moving”. And, she questions whether a future with John Miller is something she wants.

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