‘Love After Lockup’: John’s Shotgun Wedding Plans Too Much for Kristianna Roth?

Love After Lockup couple John Miller and Kristianna Roth are another new pair on the upcoming season of the WEtv show. John has a long history of failed relationships. And, he really wants to make things work with Kristianna. But, will him being over-eager send her running? What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: John Miller’s Failed Relationships

John Miller goes through his previous relationships in Love After Lockup spoilers. And, he says his experience with the ladies hasn’t been great. He says he walked down the aisle four times previously – in addition to two engagements. Still, he thinks Kristianna Roth will be the one to put an end to all that.

John Miller says in Love After Lockup clips that most of his relationships haven’t been happy ones. And, that he was just “there” with the previous women in his life. He doesn’t want to just go through the motions anymore. And, John hopes Kristianna is the answer he looks for.

Who Is Kristianna Roth?

John Miller says in Love After Lockup teasers that he met Kristianna Roth through a prison pen pal website. And, it’s the way a lot of civilian cast members meet their convict lovers. Kristianna is behind bars for burglary and a parole violation after escaping from a halfway house.

Even with Kristianna Roth’s criminal past, he says in Love After Lockup teaser clips that he “felt there was something else there” from their very first conversation. And, it’s clear this is a relationship John’s ready to take a gamble on.

At the time of Kristianna Roth’s prison release, the pair have only been together for three months. So, even though they seem to have a strong connection, that will be tested once Kristianna is on the outside. And, how that pans out is definitely something to tune in for once the new episodes air.

John Moving Too Fast on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup spoilers show John may move too fast for Kristianna. After only three months of dating, John turns his truck into both a wedding chapel and honeymoon suite. John plans to ask Kristianna to marry him as soon as she gets out of jail. And, John Miller wants to marry “immediately”.

It could be that he comes on too strong for Kristianna Roth. And, it’s possible that backfires on him. John adds this is the first time he’s had such a “strong”, “deep connection” in his life. Meanwhile, whether or not Kristianna feels the same is a big question heading into their storyline this season.

Whether or not Kristianna scams John is another concern heading into the new content. Those close to John show concern for his choices. But, it looks like he’s willing to roll the dice on his Love After Lockup girlfriend. He says he hopes for the best. And, John Miller wants to see where this path leads.

Watch the all-new season of Love After Lockup, Friday, July 17 on WEtv.

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