‘Love after Lockup’ Spoilers: John in Trouble – Terra Spills to Kristianna

Love After Lockup spoilers suspect John Miller is in for a world of trouble when Kristianna Roth gets out of prison soon. Terra may be out of John’s house, but she could still stir things up on the WEtv reality series.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: John Miller’s Wife Kristianna Roth Comes Home

Love After Lockup spoilers see Kristianna on her way out of prison. But there’s a catch. She can’t be around anyone with open charges. Kristianna’s sister Terra still has open drug charges, so she can’t be there when Kristianna gets out.

Of course, Terra thinks that this has more to do with John Miller’s feelings for her rather than Kristianna’s parole restrictions. Either way, John wants Terra out on Love After Lockup and isn’t too upset about it.

Of course, it will be easier for John if he isn’t living under the same roof as Kristianna and Terra. But, Terra might still find a way to blab the truth to Kristianna and make problems for her and John, tease Love After Lockup spoilers.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra

Terra Spells Trouble

Love After Lockup updates, find John Miller telling Terra she’s not allowed around his house, and if she shows up, he will have no choice but to tell her to leave. However, Terra says it won’t be long before she’s back. So, she may have plans to break him and Kristianna up.

Then, she can force her sister out and move back into John’s house. In real-time, it doesn’t look like that’s the case because it seems Kristianna and her hubby are still together. But, that doesn’t mean Terra can’t make life difficult for them on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

WEtv Couple Stronger Than Ever

These days, Love After Lockup couple John and Kristianna seem to be doing well. Kristianna and John Miller are even expecting a baby. So, if Terra tries to come between them, it doesn’t seem to have worked. Also, Terra claims she and John’s flirtation was only for TV. So, there’s a chance that there was never anything for Kristianna to worry about.

Now, that may be true in regards to her sister Terra. However, John Miller admits that he’s never been faithful to a woman even though he’s been married several times. So, Kristianna and hubby may face problems down the road on Love After Lockup due to his inability to stay faithful.

Currently, he is getting ready to become a daddy yet again. That doesn’t mean that Terra won’t cause drama in the next Life After Lockup episode. Be sure to tune in to see if Terra tells Kristianna what’s been going on with John Miller and her while her sister’s been locked up.

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