‘Love After Lockup’: Kristianna Relapses and Disappears – Can John Save Her?

Love After Lockup star Kristianna Roth turns to drugs once again and flees her half-way house as seen in the next episode, but her husband John Miller does everything in his power to save her from herself. But, Kristianna may be too far gone on the WEtv reality series.

Love After Lockup Updates: Kristianna Roth Relapses and Takes Off

Coming up on the next episode of Love After Lockup, John Miller gets some bad news about his wife, Kristianna Roth. A worker from the half-way house soon calls John and says that Kristianna is no longer a resident there. Of course, John wants to believe she isn’t on drugs.

However, all signs point to a relapse. Even Kristianna’s mother says, “when the demon’s got her, the demon’s got her.” Remember, this is Kristianna Roth’s fourth time in that house, and it seems full of drugs. So, every time she goes there, she gets into trouble. However, her hubby John Miller wants to believe this time is different on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth

John Miller Desperate

Soon to come on Love After Lockup, John Miller is beside himself with worry.  Of course, he hoped he’d be the one to make this time out of prison work for Kristianna Roth. Also, Kristianna herself believed that John’s support would be what made things different for her this time. Unfortunately, it looks like her addiction still has a hold on her. And, it may be stronger than her desire to start a new life with John.

Of course, it seems like Kristianna Roth truly loves John and wants to be better. Now, it looks like John will be scrambling to find her and catch her before she makes a mistake. And, if it’s too late and she’s already using, he’ll likely try to get her into rehab. No doubt, his biggest fear must be Kristianna going back to prison on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: John Miller

John Might Make Kristianna Change Her Ways on Love After Lockup

Perhaps, John Miller might be able to turn things around for Kristianna Roth after all. Recent spoilers show she does, in fact, end up back behind bars. Also, it looks like she may remain there until 2023. Unless there’s a miracle and she can get out early. However, John might wait around for his felon wife. And that could be what makes her stay out of jail for good.

Perhaps, his love and support can help Kristianna get back on track and rebuild her life. So, it will hopefully be for good when she gets out of the slammer in a couple of years. Be sure not to miss the new Love After Lockup this Friday to see if John Miller can find his wife Kristianna and assure her he loves her.

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