‘Life After Lockup’: Destinie Folsom Pregnant with Shawn Osborne’s Baby?

Life After Lockup spoilers suggest Destinie Folsom may be pregnant with Shawn Osborne’s baby. There’s a lot of drama for the pair as the claws came out between Destine and Kelly (Shawn’s on-again, off-again ex). And there’s more to deal with as their storyline continues in new episodes.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Destinie Folsom Pregnant with Shawn Osborne’s Child?

Life After Lockup spoilers tease the possibility of Destinie Folsom pregnant. Shawn says he didn’t use protection with Destine. So, her with a bun in the oven seems like it could be a thing. Shawn finds packaging for a pregnancy test in the trash. But it turns out, Destinie holds onto the results – and she’s nowhere to be found.

There are a lot of trust issues for this Life After Lockup pair. Destine says in spoilers that she doesn’t want to tell Shawn Osborne everything. And she adds that she doesn’t trust him “one bit”. Meanwhile, Destinie Folsom holding onto her pregnancy test ups the ante in their storyline.

Shawn Osborne comes home to find her stuff gone in Life After Lockup spoilers. She doesn’t answer his calls – and he worries that she might be with another man. Destine has another court date coming up as well. And Shawn is still on the hook for $50k if she doesn’t show up. So, it’s a lot to deal with – especially with her seemingly in the wind.

Love After Lockup: Destinie - Shawn Osborne

Life After Lockup: Destinie & Shawn Engaged – Felon Not in the Clear Yet

Shawn Osborne popped the question in recent Love After Lockup episodes – and Destinie Folsom said yes. But the pair aren’t in the clear just yet. The court dismissed current charges against her – but they will re-file. And she could face up to seven years behind bars if things don’t go her way.

With the possibility of more jail time hanging over her head, Destinie Folsom didn’t want to get her hopes up about a possible future. Still, that didn’t stop Shawn Osborne from asking Destinie to marry him – or her from saying yes. But even with that happy moment, they still have a lot on their plate.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie - Kelly

More Drama Ahead for WEtv Pair

Based on Life After Lockup spoilers, potential pregnancy and pending charges aren’t the only things Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom deal with. Things blew up between Destine and the mother of his children, Kelly. Meanwhile, the fact that Kelly was upset by the suggestion that she stop daily communication with Shawn makes Destinie think there may be something more going on between them.

Adding to all of that, it looks like he tows Destinie’s car in spoilers – and she punches her fiance. She got physical with him in the past. Meanwhile, it seems something else sets her off, too. Whatever happens between them, it’s enough for Destinie to throw Shawn Osborne’s “punk a** ring” in his face. And she says she doesn’t have time for his “old a**”. So, things don’t look good for the pair in upcoming episodes.

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