‘Love After Lockup’: Destinie Folsom Married – Shawn Osborne Doesn’t Know

Love After Lockup couple Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne had their ups and downs this season. The two were engaged until Destinie tossed Shawn’s ring in his face. Only to have him retaliate by taking his car back, despite her shouting and climbing on the wrecker. They finally split, but Destinie has one more shock to give her ex. And maybe Shawn Osborne has a surprise of his own.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Weds But Keeps Shawn Osborne in the Dark

Love After Lockup celeb Destinie Folsom married Jason, but she kept Shawn Osborne around for payback. Destinie has been talking to another guy, Jason, from prison before she committed to Shawn. Things became romantic between her and Jason after she left Vegas.

Destinie said Jason has every quality Shawn Osborne lacks. She said there are no lies, and how Jason treats her versus how Shawn treated her has no comparison, she said. New Love After Lockup husband Jason said his favorite thing about Destinie is her heart for other people. Destinie Folsom’s mother told fans she hopes for the best, and she’s glad they’re the same age.

Destinie told viewers of WEtv Love After Lockup that Shawn Osborne can’t pay her enough for all the lies she said he put her through, so she didn’t plan to tell him she’s married. Any chance she has to get something from Shawn, she’ll take it, Destinie Folsom said. She thinks Shawn Osborne will still do anything he can for her. But is that really true?

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne

Love After Lockup: Shawn Has a Secret Love of His Own

Shawn Osborne of Love After Lockup has been keeping another inmate girlfriend on the line while he’s been with Destinie Folsom. Shawn told fans he met Sara and Destinie on the prison penpal website and talked to both of them ever since. But his feelings for Sara are much more than his feelings for his ex-fiancee.

Shawn says his secret girlfriend Sara is the complete opposite of Destinie Folsom. Even though he says his first Love After Lockup relationship was a complete con, he has hopes his next one will be successful. Shawn Osborne and Sara spoke on the phone, and she said her release is in a month or so.

Although they never met in person, Love After Lockup celeb Shawn Oborne and Sara said they love each other on the phone. He looks forward to seeing Sara in person once she gets released. Sara said the first thing she wants to do is have sex. He got embarrassed as he grinned and turned red but kept his face down from the cameras. Shawn has much to look forward to with Sara rather than the drama he experienced with Destinie Folsom.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

Destinie Asked for Money – Got Refused

Destinie called her ex-fiance from Glynn County Jail, where she is serving her remaining sentence, perhaps up to 16 months. Shawn Osborne said Destinie Folsom is serving out the rest of her sentence for cutting off her ankle monitor. But even though she married Jason on WEtv Love After Lockup, she called her ex-fiance for cash.

Shawn Osborne said he feels bad that she’s back in jail, but at the same time, he’s glad she went to court, so he’s off the hook for her bond. Destinie said she needs money and asked him to send her some. He tried to soft-pedal and tell her he couldn’t, but Destinie pressed harder. Destinie Folsom of Love After Lockup acknowledged she didn’t deserve anything from him.

But when Shawn Osborne outright refused her, she cursed him and tried to make herself out as a victim. She told Shawn he had her where he wanted, and now she has nothing. He replied he’s not just a trick, and giving her money isn’t going to happen. Perhaps Destinie Folsom needs to call her new Love After Lockup husband Jason, rather than her ex-fiancee when she needs money.

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