‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Destinie Folsom Stops Shawn Osborne Towing Car

Love After Lockup spoilers indicate Shawn Osborne finds his car, but Destinie Folsom tries to stop him from taking it back.

Shawn and Destine have been going back and forth over her use of his car and credit cards. He wants them back, but she’s having none of that. Can Shawn Osborne get his car back from Destinie?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shawn Osborne Chases After Destinie Folsom

Shawn tells viewers Destinie scammed him, but he’s onto her now. The Love After Lockup celeb makes plans to get his vehicle back and take away her perks. Shawn Osborne says she is playing games, but he’ll have the last word. He finds Destinie Folsom and his car and starts making arrangements to get his vehicle back

Love After Lockup couple Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom were engaged on the show until quite recently. Destinie has been making free use of his money and property but doesn’t want to give them up, even after she kicks him to the curb. She tossed Shawn’s ring in his face in the last episode and drove off in his car.

Destinie Folsom has been flaunting the fact that she has Shawn’s car, causing scenes in public and then leaving him in the dust afterward. Shawn Osborne attempts to catch up to her to recover his wheels. He also wants to protect the $50,000 he put up for her bail and make sure she appears in court. His Love After Lockup sweetheart crushed his spirit when she threw his ring back at him.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom

Destinie Causes a Scene on Love After Lockup

Shawn located his car and ex-fiancee Destinie in the previous Love After Lockup episode. He tracked her with his credit card after she ordered pizza, and he got an address. Shawn Osborne staked out the house until Destinie came back. Then he made arrangements for a tow truck.

The Love After Lockup spoiler shows Destinie standing on the bed of the tow truck, behind the car, which is already chained down, ready to go. Destinie is demanding Shawn pop the trunk. She threatens to stay there and not move until she gets her way. Shawn Osborne looks a little puzzled at her behavior as he stares up at her.

Destinie Folsom has shown time and time again that she doesn’t mind making a scene. She’s making another one, arguing in the street and interfering with the tow truck. Perhaps this Love After Lockup relationship is headed to the gutter.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne

 Shawn’s Next Move

Shawn Osborne has to decide whether Love After  Lockup’s Destinie Folsom is worth any more time and effort on his part. He paid Destinie’s bail, only to have her attempt to dodge going to court. He allowed her to drive his car and use his credit cards, only for her to end their engagement. She even kept Shawn’s automobile after she tossed his ring back at him.

How much of this behavior can Shawn tolerate? Destinie Folsom told Love After Lockup viewers she doesn’t think she has to be honest with him because she says he’s been lying to her all along. Destinie said she got out of prison,  and Shawn Osborne was different than she thought. Then she called him a liar to his face.

Shawn has maxed out credit cards, thanks to Destinie. He’s just now realizing how much she disliked him, and he had no idea things were that bad between them. The Love After Lockup couple ended their engagement, but he has a few details to take care of. Can he end things peacefully with Destinie Folsom?

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