‘Love after Lockup’: Shawn May Shock Baby Mama and Choose Destinie Over the Kids

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal, Shawn Osborne makes a choice, and it might be a shocking one. Soon, Shawn may choose Destinie Folsom over his children and throw his ex for a loop on the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup Updates: Destinie Folsom and Kelly’s Meeting Goes Sideways

Love After Lockup spoilers report Shawn Osborne and his convict fianc√© Destinie Folsom will sit down with Shawn’s ex Kelly. Now, Shawn hopes this meeting will put Destinie’s mind at ease. And get Kelly to let Destinie meet his six kids. However, it looks like things take a wrong turn and get hostile.

Soon, Destinie and Kelly get angry and start trading insults. Of course, Kelly wants to call the shots because she and Shawn Osborne share six kids. However, Destinie Folsom has news for her – she wants things her way from now on. But, when Kelly hears the news that Shawn and Destinie are engaged, she may throw an ultimatum at her ex on Love After Lockup.

Shawn Osborne May Choose Destinie Over His Kids

Coming up, on¬†Love After Lockup,¬†Kelly might force Shawn Osborne to choose between their kids and Destinie Folsom. Of course, Kelly may think she has the upper hand. But, Shawn may surprise her. He might very well choose his fianc√© instead of his kids. Perhaps, he may think Kelly is bluffing and won’t stick to her guns.

Also, Shawn Osborne may pick Destine, so he doesn’t lose her. Then, when things settle down, he may try to smooth things over with Kelly so he can see the kids again. Plus, there’s a good chance Destinie Folsom is on her way back to prison. So, he may think he can keep Destinie happy and still find a way to stay in his kid’s lives while she’s back in jail on Love After Lockup.¬†¬†

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne

She’s Back in Prison – Shawn Breaks Promise on Love After Lockup?

Soon, on Love After Lockup,¬†Shawn may keep another secret from Destinie Folsom. He may agree to keep his distance from Kelly. But, if Destinie ends up behind bars again, he may see the kids behind her back. Of course, he loves Destinie and doesn’t want to lie to her. But, he wants to make everyone happy.

Plus, it may be harder than he thinks to stay away from his kids. So, he may do what Destinie wants, but he might go back on his word. Don’t miss the Love After Lockup¬†season finale this Friday to see if Shawn Osborne chooses his ex-con fianc√© over his children.

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