‘Love After Lockup’: Kelly Dishes on Shawn Osborne – Blames Behavior on Mid-Life Crisis

Love After Lockup‘s Kelly Corallo (Shawn Osborne’s baby mama) recently called out her children’s father. And she really let him have it.

Love After Lockup: Kelly Corallo Calls Out Shawn Osborne

Kelly Corallo and Destinie Folsom got into a heated argument in the Love After Lockup season finale. Kelly is no pushover. And she went toe-to-toe with Destinie. Shawn Osborne was caught in the middle. Kelly pulled no punches when confronting Destinie. And she didn’t hold back recently when talking about Shawn, either.

According to Kelly Corallo, she said she and Shawn ended “years ago”. She claimed it was because he “cheated” on her. Meanwhile, she took things a step further. She alleged that Shawn gave her an STD as well. Shawn Osborne said on Love After Lockup that the pair have been on and off for years. But, it seems the co-parents are over for good.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Kelly

Love After Lockup: Mid-Life Crisis for Shawn?

Based on Kelly Corallo’s latest claims, she said Love After Lockup star Shawn Osborne is a lot worse now than he was a few years ago. She added that Destinie Folsom is his third inmate girlfriend. Kelly said Shawn doesn’t watch his Love After Lockup episodes. And according to her, he comes across as “dumb” on television.

Destinie calls Shawn Osborne out for his lies on Love After Lockup. She said he lied to her about his age, how many kids he has, and more. Meanwhile, Kelly said she was the one that never wanted to walk down the aisle with him. And she believes he is in the midst of a “mid-life crisis”.

Shawn doesn’t seem to let anything deter him from being with Destinie Folsom on Love After Lockup. Whenever anyone in his life expressed their doubts about him marrying her, he dismissed them. And ultimately, he bought the ring and got down on one knee for her anyway.

Even when Destinie bails on him and doesn’t answer his calls, he believes that they will live happily together. After striking out with previous ex-cons, perhaps he’s unwilling to let this one get away. Whatever his motivation is, Kelly Corallo doesn’t understand why he does what he does.

Shawn and Kelly Corallo’s  kids range in age from 9-21. And based on Kelly’s recent claims, they are “embarrassed” and “appalled” by what they see from their father on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie - Kelly

Destinie Folsom’s Boyfriend Still on the Hook for Money?

Destinie bailed on Shawn Osborne in the Life After Lockup season premiere. Meanwhile, even though she drove off in his car, she still needs to show up for her court dates. If she doesn’t, Shawn has to pay a lot of money – $50k. Meanwhile, based on what Kelly said recently, Shawn is still on the hook for that money because Destinie’s court dates keep getting pushed back.

As Soap Dirt reported, Destinie is back behind bars. And she faces anywhere from one to four years in the clink based on the charges against her. Shawn said he was in it for the long haul with her. But that may no longer be a concern. Destinie gets cozy with other men since filming her first season of Love After Lockup. And Life After Lockup spoilers show he discovers pictures of her with another guy.

So, whether or not he learns his lesson is something to watch. Meanwhile, based on what Kelly said of her former boyfriend, she doesn’t seem optimistic that he’ll change his ways.

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