‘Life After Lockup’: Shavel Calls Out Side Chick – Quaylon Cheating?

Life After Lockup‘s Shavel Moore deals with Quaylon’s alleged woman on the side in WEtv spoilers. Shavel feared things were over when her man hopped on a plane one-way to Texas. And even though he came back to her, he seems to have his eye on another woman.

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore Fears the Worst with Quaylon

Shavel Moore thought she would get the life she wanted with Quaylon as soon as he was out of jail. Turns out, that wasn’t the case. Shavel bought him a car and made sure he had everything he needed to adjust to life on the outside after twelve years behind bars.

Meanwhile, right out of the gate, there was an issue over where Quaylon would live. Shavel Moore wants her man to build a life with her and her daughter in Kansas City. But Quaylon’s relatives want him to live with them down in Houston. So, after the initial rush of freedom hit, there were some real-world issues for the pair to deal with.

Quaylon felt Shavel Moore smothered him. And he needed time to breathe after being in prison for so long. He booked it to Texas to stay with his relatives. And Shavel feared the worst – especially after she caught him out with another woman. Certainly, it didn’t help that he lied to her about where he was.

Life After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

Life After Lockup: Quaylon Cheating on Shavel?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Shavel still doesn’t trust her man. She says Quaylon acts “standoffish” – and “not himself”. Doubt crept in for Shavel when Quaylon was in Texas. Moreover, that doubt persists for her even though the pair live together.

Shavel Moore adds that Quaylon is “distant” in Life After Lockup spoilers. And she goes through his phone while he sleeps. Meanwhile, what she finds disturbs her. She finds texts from a mystery woman. And from the looks of it, they are of an intimate nature.

Alarm bells go off for Shavel Moore. And she confronts the mystery woman behind Quaylon’s back. So, there’s a lot of drama in upcoming content for the couple – in addition to issues carrying over from the main franchise.

Are the WEtv Pair Over?

Life After Lockup producers encourage Shavel to call Quaylon’s mystery girl. And cameras capture the confrontation in upcoming episodes. She comes in ready for a fight. But the woman on the other line plays “dumb” and doesn’t admit to anything. Adding insult to injury, Shavel claims Quaylon texted this girl on the phone she bought him.

Whether or not Quaylon would be ready to settle down after getting out of the clink was a big question for the couple. Quaylon went to prison at seventeen. And he missed out on twelve formative years of growing up while he was behind bars. Whether or not they get on the same page is critical to their success as a couple moving forward – assuming they get to that point with everything currently going on.

Still, with an unknown woman in the picture, the stage is set for another Life After Lockup love triangle. So, there’s a lot to unpack in the new spinoff season for this pair.

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