‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan’s Fiance Marissa Opens Up about Engagement – Did She Know Heather?

Love After Lockup star Dylan is now an engaged man. His fiance, Marissa, recently spoke about their engagement and other aspects of their relationship. She also revealed if she knew about Heather and what she thought about Dylan’s relationship with her.

Love After Lockup: Dylan Has a New Fiance

Viewers first met Dylan on Love After Lockup as he left prison and met up with his then-lover, Heather. He didn’t have a good start to his new life in the free world. He and Heather didn’t’ have a place of their own, so they had to live with her aunt. However, that situation wasn’t ideal for the couple. It led to numerous fights between the two. The arguing never stopped between Dylan and Heather, and they eventually called it quits.

However, it didn’t take the Love After Lockup reality star long to find love again. Dylan is no longer a single man. His now-fiance, Marissa, recently opened up about her relationship with Dylan. She said that she knew Dylan before he went to prison, and has been in each other’s lives for five and a half years. She also said that they officially been together since May.

Love After Lockup: Dylan - Heather

Marissa Admits to Knowing Heather

Marissa didn’t mind talking about her fiance’s ex, Heather. She said that she knew Heather and that the two became friends right before Love After Lockup’s Dylan went to jail. According to Marissa, she and Heather were never really close. But, they did share a few mutual friends. However, Marissa wasn’t there when Heather and Dylan met for the first time.

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Dylan from Love After Lockup’s soon-to-be-wife, Marissa, revealed that she watches the show with him every week. She said that she felt sorry for what Dylan had to go through while being with Heather. She also said that she would’ve liked to be there for him, just as a friend. But, Marissa knew that Heather wouldn’t be okay with that. So, she wanted to respect that and kept her distance.

Love After Lockup: Dylan - Marissa

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Couple?

Now that Dylan and Marissa are engaged, fans are wondering what’s next for the couple. Marissa said that she and Dylan are taking things slowly. They recently moved in with each other and are now working together. But, they haven’t spoken much about planning a wedding. Marissa said that they aren’t able to move forward with wedding plans since the global pandemic has many places shut down. She also mentioned not being able to go to the courthouse.

Marissa was also asked about joining the cast of Love After Lockup. WEtv does have a spin-off that follows former cast members as they continue their life after being behind bars. It seems like Marissa wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be on the show with Dylan. She said “maybe” when it comes to being a part of a reality television show in the future.

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