‘Love After Lockup’: Meet Shavel Moore and Quaylon

Love After Lockup pair Shavel Moore and Quaylon are one of the new duos on the all-new season of the WEtv show. LALU watchers meet them and the rest of the new cast when the fresh episodes air on July 17. New cast members mean new stories for fans to dig into. What do we know about this couple so far?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Meet Shavel Moore

Love After Lockup spoilers introduce fans to inmate Quaylon and girlfriend Shavel Moore. Shavel reveals in teaser clips that she has a young daughter. She says the five-year-old’s biological father is not in her daughter’s life. And, that it’s “hard” being a single mother.

Meanwhile, Shavel Moore adds in Love After Lockup spoilers that she can’t have a child and not be married. In her mind, she wants to do things the “right way”. And, at least early on, it seems that’s where inmate Quaylon comes in. Shavel met her lockup boyfriend through a friend. And, Shavel says in teasers that they’ve been dating for two-and-a-half years.

LALU: Shavel’s Inmate Boyfriend Quaylon

Quaylon says in Love After Lockup teaser clips that he was arrested at 17 for armed robbery. And, he was sentenced to 12 years behind bars as a result. He says he was “angry”. On top of that, a 12-year sentence is a significant chunk of life when you go in the clink that young.

Quaylon wanted someone to talk to. And, he met Shavel Moore through a friend in prison. Quaylon adds in Love After Lockup teasers that Shavel calms him down and brings “balance” into his life. According to Quaylon, Shavel made him feel love again and got through to him. And, it’s worth watching if that connection translates on the outside.

What to Expect from New Love After Lockup Couple

There are a lot of pieces in play for this Love After Lockup tandem. Shavel Moore looks to Quaylon to be a father figure to her young girl. But, because he has been in prison so long, things may not pan out the way she wants. Meanwhile, her relatives question her choices with her LALU lover as well.

Shavel’s mother says in Love After Lockup spoilers that her daughter trusts and loves hard. And, they worry about Quaylon taking advantage of her trust and burning her in the end. So, there’s a lot of potential drama in their storyline early.

In addition, Shavel Moore wants Quaylon to live with her in Kansas City with her daughter. She is ready to begin her life with her man and build a future. But, his relatives want him to come back home to Texas after being in the clink for 12 years. So, where they live as a couple is certainly something to watch when the new season begins.

Catch the all-new season of Love After Lockup, starting July 17 on WEtv.

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