‘Love after Lockup’ Spoilers: Shavel Moore Spirals – Cops Called

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal Shavel Moore starts to spiral out of control. Soon, Quaylon may be done with her for good on the WEtv reality show.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Quaylon Done

Spoilers know Quaylon is furious with Shavel Moore. Recently, he found out that Shavel still talks to the man Jay she went on a date with. Now, he’s rethinking everything. This may be enough for Quaylon to call it quits with Shavel.

He already has to deal with his family being dead-set against him marrying Shavel. Now, this new information, on top of all the other stress, might be too much. Quaylon feels disrespected and wants to step away from Shavel for a bit. Soon, she loses her cool, promises Love After Lockup spoilers.

Love After Lockup: Quaylon

Shavel Moore Furious

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Shavel lashes out. As Quaylon continues to pull back from Shavel Moore, she can’t contain her anger. She went through a lot while Quaylon was in prison.

Not to mention, he cheated on her. Now, she is livid. Of course, he turns the tables on her and blames her for not keeping him happy. So, she freaks out, warning women everywhere not to mess with a man in jail because he will use them.

Their next big fight leads to a dramatic moment that might have lasting consequences for both of them on Love After Lockup.  

Legal Drama Ahead on Love After Lockup

The next Love After Lockup finds Shavel and Quaylon dealing with the cops. In the middle of a heated argument with Quaylon, Shavel Moore gets into her car and is clearly distraught. Soon after, the police show up and ask her to get out. Perhaps, their fight causes a neighbor to call the cops for disturbing the peace.

Soon, this could mean big trouble for Quaylon, who is fresh out of the slammer. There’s a chance Quaylon could land back behind bars after his latest confrontation with his fiancé. Shavel may find herself in trouble as well. Spoilers see her screaming and acting out.

So, law enforcement may bring her down to the station. After all the ruckus that goes down soon, they may not be able to come back from it. Don’t miss Life After Lockup’s season finale to see if Quaylon and Shavel Moore can make it on the WEtv reality spin-off.

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