‘Love after Lockup’ Spoilers: Shavel Makes Wedding Demands – Family Objects

Love After Lockup spoilers promise Shavel Moore wants to marry Quaylon right away, but both families are against it on the WEtv reality series. Soon, someone may keep Shavel Moore and Quaylon from making it to the altar on the WEtv reality series.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore in a Hurry to Tie the Knot

Love After Lockup updates, see Shavel Moore over the moon. Recently, Quaylon gave Shavel what she’s been wanting since the moment he got out of prison – a proposal. Now, Quaylon and his girl Shavel are engaged, but she insists they move fast.

She does not want a long engagement. Shavel is eager to be Quaylon’s wife as soon as possible. Soon, she demands a wedding within 30 days. However, it might make folks wonder why she’s in such a rush.

Perhaps, she tries to rush the ceremony before anything can sabotage their nuptials. Of course, this would make sense seeing as Shavel Moore and her fiancé has had issues since his release. So, she probably is afraid to take any chances, suggest Love After Lockup spoilers.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore

The Families Furious

Soon, on Love After Lockup, Shavel’s mother Sylvia rains on her parade when she and Quaylon announce their engagement. Sylvia tells her daughter that she is making the biggest mistake of her life. Surely, not what the bride-to-be wants to hear.

Plus, it’s no secret that Shavel’s cousin D-Mark can’t stand Quaylon. Recently, the two men even came to blows. D-Mark promised Quaylon that he would not be marrying his cousin. D-Mark also says he’ll stand up and object during the ceremony.

On top of that, Quaylon’s mother is livid about the engagement. And she thinks that Shavel Moore manipulated Quaylon into proposing. With everyone at each other’s throats, there might not be a wedding on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: D Mark

Life After Lockup: Quaylon Still On the Fence

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Quaylon has his doubts when he and Shavel’s families object to their union. The hostility between everyone could be too much for him, especially the drama between his mom and his woman.

His mother is against their relationship. So, Quaylon may not be able to go against his mother. He may break Shavel’s heart for the final time by calling off the engagement before they make it down the aisle.

Love After Lockup spoilers see more drama ahead for the couple. So, they might not get their happily ever after. Don’t miss a moment of Life After Lockup to see what’s next for Quaylon and Shavel Moore on the WEtv drama.

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