‘Love After Lockup’: John Miller Dumps Terra – Fans Weigh In

 Love After Lockup’s John Miller kicks Terra out to make room for Kristianna Roth to come home. Kristiana’s release conditions will not allow her to live in the house with anyone with pending charges, so John has to choose Terra or Kristianna. WEtv fans weigh in with their opinions.

Love After Lockup: John Miller Learns Kristianna Gets Early Release

In last weeks’ episode of Love After Lockup, John Miller gets good news from Kristianna. She will be released early. But the bad news is that she can’t live with Terra because her sister has pending charges. Kristianna Roth’s sister Terra and their mother Tammy moved in with John after Kristianna and John Miller got married. Now, in order for Kristianna to come home, John has to kick Terra out.

Terra has charges pending related to her substance abuse issues. This means, by Kristianna’s conditions of release, she can’t live at the house with her sister. John Miller told Terra that she has to go. Terra asked where she’s supposed to go as if it’s his problem to find her a place. Love After Lockup’s John Miller has no idea where his sister-in-law will go when she leaves his house.

John Miller feels guilty about making Terra leave so Kristianna can come home on Love After Lockup. He does not want Kristianna Roth to find out about the flirting and teasing he and Terra have been up to. Perhaps Terra’s leaving will prolong Kristianna learning about John’s indiscretions while Kristianna has been locked up.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth - Terra

Terra Wants to Come Clean with Kristianna Roth

Terra says she understands why she needs to leave John Miller’s house. She doesn’t want to lose the connection she’s made with John, but Terra realizes it’s put a damper on her relationship with Love After Lockup’s Kristianna Roth. She has no idea where she will go, but it won’t be good. Tammy is concerned that Terra will go back to using drugs.

Terra and John Miller have lived together for 10 months since her sister Kristianna got married. Kristianna went back to jail just a few short weeks later, and she has been flirting and teasing her brother-in-law. Terra has been coming onto him pretty hard, but he has refused her advances so far. Now, she doesn’t believe him when he says he has no choice to kick her out. She thinks John is making it up to get her out of the house so she won’t tempt him.

Terra believes John Miller has feelings for her, regardless of his marriage to her sister Kristianna Roth. Terra thinks she needs to come clean with her sister Kristianna Roth. There has been plenty of drama for this Love After Lockup trio, but will this be the curve-ball that breaks them up? She has been playing house with John while Kristianna has been away. Now Kristianna is coming home, and Terra is out on her ear.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra

Fans Choose John and Kristianna on Love After Lockup

WEtv asked fans to weigh in on John Miller’s decision. Overwhelmingly Love After Lockup fans took Kristianna Roth’s side. Many fans said it was never John’s responsibility to take care of Terra and Tammy to start with. So, of course, if someone has to leave so Kristianna can come home, Terra should leave. Viewers think she is a freeloader who should have gotten a job at some point during the 10 months they stayed with him.

Others point out that she is a menace to Kristianna’s sobriety when her sister comes home. Also, she is a threat to John Miller and Kristianna Roth’s marriage. Terra first threatened to turn Kristianna in to the authorities. And then moved in on Kristianna’s man once Kristianna was out of the picture. In particular, one fan called her a “homewrecker” and accused her of trying to break them up so she can steal John away and secure a home for herself.

Others focused more on John Miller and his decision making. He should have never put himself in this position with Terra. Viewers pointed out he made a wrong choice, and now he has to live with the consequences. He must choose his wife Kristianna over his sister-in-law, supporters of Love After Lockup say. Regardless, John has a tough decision to make. And he has to live with the consequences of that choice.

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