‘Love After Lockup’: Will Kristianna Explode On Terra for Stalking John?

On Love After Lockup, Terra, Kristianna Roth’s sister, flirted heavily with John Miller for a while now. So, will Kristianna explode on Terra when she gets out of prison? Terra is on TV doing her best to make time with John while Kristianna is away. What about sisters before misters?

Love After Lockup: Terra Gets Very Flirty With John Miller

Last week’s WE tv episode showed viewers that Kristianna’s mother is concerned about the bond between Terra and son-in-law John Miller. She thinks Terra’s way too flirty and close to John. Mom hopes nothing happens but recognizes that something is brewing between the two.

Love After Lockup showed Terra teasing John that he missed her, not Kristianna, who is back in jail. Terra even interrupted John’s phone call with Kristianna to joke that he said her name when he used the word “terribly.” Given how much it costs to talk from prison, it seems strange that Terra jumped in to make it about herself.

However, on Love After Lockup, John Miller only has eyes (or rather ears) for Kristianna. He seems not to notice Terra’s teasing. But later, it became harder for John to ignore Terra’s seductive actions. Fans wonder how close the two really are, given Terra hanging in John’s room wearing only a towel and getting handsy with him. And she said she tried to kiss him on other occasions.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Terra - Life After Lockup

Terra Throws Herself at John & Gets Rebuffed

On Love After Lockup, eager Terra sits on John Miller’s lap and moves in for a kiss. He shifts at the last second, shutting Terra down. John says he’s lonely with Kristianna gone. He asks Terra what are they going to do about it and sounds flirty.

John rejects Terra. Then, on Love After Lockup, she tells John Miller that he doesn’t even know her sister yet. Then, Terra tried to persuade John that she knows him much better. John understands but says he’ll stay faithful to his wife, Kristianna. Citing his religious views, his marriage would be null and void if he cheated. He even explained what the Native American ceremony meant to him.

This isn’t the first time Terra was caught on camera pursuing John. So, Love After Lockup watchers wonder what Kristianna’s reaction will be once she’s back home. Will she go after sister Terra? Or will John Miller be able to convince her that he remained faithful while she was away? And even if he does, it sure seems like Kristianna wouldn’t appreciate her sister making moves on her husband.

Love After Lockup: John Miller - Kristianna Roth

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Paroled & Pregnant

Whether Kristianna Roth was angry at sister Terra for coming onto John Miller remains to be seen. But, it appears Kristianna wasted no time reconnecting with John Miller as soon as she was released. Someone spotted the couple recently in Las Vegas. See above.

We recently reported the Love After Lockup newlywed sighting with no sign of Terra. Pics show Kristianna with what looks like a baby bump. There’s no word yet on Terra’s thoughts about her sister after her release — or her pregnancy.

But with more episodes left to come on WE tv, perhaps we’ll get more of Terra making plays on John Miller. On the last episode, it looked like she was stalking him all over the small house. So, we may get more of that. Stay tuned.

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